Road Trek 200 Versatile Camper Upgrades

Jul 9, 2022

This one owner Road Trek reached a point in its life where the core systems were getting a little long in the tooth. Reparadise stepped in to help inject a little modern convenience into this classic camper van in the form of a new electrical system, appliances, and flooring. We also tuned up the cabinetry and helped ensure this cool camper serves its family for another twenty years.

For an electrical system, we added a 200ahr Life Blue Battery, a Vicrton Multiplus Charge controller and inverter and 300 watts Zamp Obsidian solar up top. We maintained the stock distribution panel, so everything works like it originally did, but now, this Road Trek 200 Versatile, features the power to run a 12v Isotherm Fridge and microwave off-grid.

Before Reparadise:

One of the things this Client wanted to change was the old AC Unit, it’s a window style used for household applications and was rarely used. We ripped that unit out and created a cabinet in it’s place. To keep air floowing in the coach, we replaced the old fan and fixed the saggy headliner while we were in there. While we liked the Zebra print tape, we chose to forgo it and cleaned up the adhesive let behind.

After Reparadise:

Finally we fixed some loose cabinetry and added a fresh Marmoluem floor, to replace the dated carpeting. All in all, this van may not look like anything special from the outside, but it’s now quite a bit more capable off grid, and more welcoming when guests stop in.

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