Aqua-Prime #15 Acrylic Universal Primer

Most people think aluminum is impervious to the elements. It doesn’t rust, technically, because aluminum contains no iron. It does oxidize, however. Oxidation doesn’t damage the metal, but it looks terrible. Aqua-Prime #15 by Hy-Tech Thermal Solutions stops oxidation dead. The application process sucks, however, so ShinyMetalsChad tackled it.

Prepping camper roof for sealing

Aqua-Prime #15 by Hy-Tech Thermal Solutions applied to an Airstream

Airstream Roof seal and thermal barrier

Aqua Prime is a 100% acrylic DTM, (direct to metal) water-based primer. It’s dry to the touch in about an hour and cured (ready to re-coat) in 6 to 8 hours. Application is easy — Aqua Prime can be brushed, rolled, or sprayed. Surface prep is more involved, however, because the surface must be completely free of dust, grease, oil, rust, mill scale and other surface contaminates that could interfere with adhesion. Additionally, Aqua Prime won’t adhere to smooth surfaces, so the surface should be roughed up a bit. The following pictures show Chad buffing the surface with a contour drum sander with a Scotch-Brite attachment to give the aluminum some texture.

Airstream roof seal

Airstream Roof surface preparation for Aqua-Prime #15 by Hy-Tech Thermal Solutions

Have you noticed some oxidation on your polished aluminum camper? Would you like a protective coating of Aqua Prime #15 applied to protect your investment? Stop by the shop or give us a call at (801) 972-5211. If you’re 103, you can send us a letter at 2382 Redwood Rd. West Valley City, UT. 84119.

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