The Bell Adventure Rig
February 9, 2015

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At Camper Reparadise, things happen fast. So fast, that keeping up with all the transformations cuts into recreation time. That’s a bummer, because recreating is fun… almost as much fun as building innovative vintage campers. Thankfully, our latest project is for an established designer and adventurer who is going to share the experience via their web log. You can follow this link: 1973 Bell Manufacturing, to see what potential sits in a rundown travel trailer. And, to be honest, we’re more than excited with the option boxes checked on this little unit.

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(Menthol cigarettes, hair curlers, and scratchy polyester/aluminum folding chairs not included)

The standout being Timbren Axle-Less suspension. An independent design that uses tuned rubber springs and urethane bushings to create an exceptionally smooth and quiet ride. (No, this is not the reincarnation early-nineties mountain-bike elastomer suspension) The design is also pass-through — there’s no axle or torsion tube to be damaged by high centering.

This is just what the secondary roads and jeep trails destination campsites like Gooseberry Mesa and Fruita command. We also have a few more tricks up our sleeves that’ll ensure this Bell Manufacturing vintage camper keeps its new owners happy for decades of adventure. Follow the development at

Update: you can see the finished Bell here.

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