What Type of Battery Should I Use in My Camper Van or Trailer?
June 28, 2019

Lion Safari UT Lithium-ion Lifetime battery

Reparadise is an official dealer and a supporter of Lion Safari products. One of our favorites is the Lion Safari UT Lifetime Battery. Because this battery features lithium-ion technology it can be completely drained and re-charged over 3500 times, which far outlasts the lead-acid batteries of years past. It’s also backed by a lifetime warranty as a testament to its quality and durability. Reparadise prefers this battery for our installation of refrigerators, lights and anything your adventure vehicle needs to power. With the strength of a starting battery and the endurance of a deep cycle. We are confident in this system to run electrical accessories and heavy machines day in and day out.




  • Weighs only 20 lbs.
  • Lasts 14 times longer than standard lead-acid batteries
  • Perfect power storage unit for RV’s, vans, boats or cabins and homes
  • Fully solar compatible
  • Holds charge for 2 years, 3x longer than a standard battery




Lithium-ion batteries vs. Lead-Acid Batteries?

The Lion Safari UT Lithium-ion Lifetime battery is an obvious choice for the work we do at Reparadise. Its superiority lies in the longevity of the product. Furthermore, not only will it outlast a lead-acid battery on the same charge, but its overall lifetime will handle far more use. This means less waste and toxic chemicals in your local landfill. Reparadise is a company built around people who love wild places and by using sustainable products in our builds, we hope to minimize our impact.

Reparadise is Offering a Discount

If you would like to purchase a Lion Safari UT Battery for your own build or upgrade a vehicle you currently have, Reparadise is offering a discount on this unit. Call, email or stop into the shop for more information.  



From Reparadise:

$825 Shipped

$799 Pick-up

At Reparadise we want our builds to have top quality components. Your vehicle or towable not only has our craftsmanship, but the infrastructure to keep the amenities running smoothly.

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