1958 Silver Streak Clipper For Sale

We’ve had our hand on Silver Streak Clippers before, and the end result can be something pretty spectacular. They are light like an Airstream, It’s riveted like an Airstream, and unlike the a fore mentioned brand, it’s a little more square in its front profile. This translates to more interior volume and headroom. Two welcome things in a camper of this vintage.

The bones are good, and the body will polish up nice, but you can expect the restoration of this gem to run north of $100k pretty quick if you want to enlist the over-qualified talents of Reparadise. Of course, you could yank this streamlined aluminum trailer out of here as is, roll your selves up and get to work. If you’d like to bite off a little less, set a budget and see what Reparadise can get done for you. Chassis refurbishment, subfloor, body work, electrical, ext. — we can ensure you have the foundation to add your own touch to this vintage Silver Streak Clipper.

Here’s Dan giving a quick run down of this unit:

Vintage Gally and Overhead Cabinets

As you can see in the video and photos, this unit, like all vintage campers, has its pluses and minuses. Some original cabinetry is missing, but this Sliver Streak Clippers cool aluminum overhead cabinets and galley are intact. There’s a few dents and dings from a sixty-year existence in the body. Nothing our fabrication team can’t massage out. The axles will need to be replaced, likewise, the chassis needs restoration — with any rust issues needing to be sorted. Something we’ve done many times over our decade of Vintage Airstream restorations.



If a maneuverable, nicely sized, vintage camper is on your to do list, this 1958 Silver Streak Clipper should pique your interest. Drop us a line at 1-801-972-5211, or send an email inquiry to get the party started.

Make: Silver Streak
Model: Clipper
Year: 1958
External Dimensions: 20 feet, or so
Title: In Hand
Ask: $9,999 or Best Offer
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