1971 Boler

In a world of recreation vehicles half-heartedly vying to stand out with desperate graphics over vast facades, Boler fiberglass campers easily steal the limelight. Given its aerodynamic shape with a splash of Dr. Seuss, it’s also safe to say Bolers can rival the all-mighty Airstream in the coolness-factor department.

If you’re unfamiliar with Bolers, you can catch up on this Canadian fiberglass camper’s history at Bolerama.org. When this vintage camper arrived at Reparadise sheepishly hiding its seventies leisure suit interior under a 90’s or late 80’s update, we were uncertain of its future. The client, however, had a vision of simplicity and modernism for the Boler.


Drawings exchanged and a plan developed to make the Boler an inviting space that a family of four could enjoy time together away from home. This included elimination of the bathroom to make room for bunks (the redesign does include a hidden cassette toilet for emergencies), no LP gas appliances, and no water tanks.

The Build

Intended for on-grid camping, the Boler lost un-necessaries while gaining character. We stripped the slimy ensolite and vinyl outer layer, often referred to as Elephant skin, and patched large fiberglass holes left by the old Dometic fridge. New insulation and a fresh haul liner followed. Throughout the interior we used maple, including the custom countertop, while polished aluminum trim and accesories break things up nicely. The end product is a fiberglass camper that’s like no other.


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