Beehive Cheese Sprinter Camper

Our cheesiest build yet!

This is the van that cheese built. Actually, Reparadise built it, but cheese paid for it. According to Pat Ford, the founder of Beehive Cheese: “We were doing some retirement planning and my wife said ‘I want a Sprinter Van’ and I said ‘what’s a Sprinter Van? And she’s like ‘dude, really?’ And so here we are — we’re gonna get our Sprinter Van today.”

So, Pat knows a lot more about cheese than he knows about Sprinters. Fortunately for the Fords, they left it up to the team at Reparadise to design and build their home-away-from home. Here’s how we did it.


Step inside and you’ll find wall-to-wall SAGA — our in-house, Sprinter-specific camper component brand. The sliding door opens onto the galley, complete with our SAGA Galley customizable kitchen area, our deep-well sink, and an Isotherm Cruise 130. Look up and you’re face-to-face with the SAGA Overhead Cabinet System — a super-clean design with magnetic closures.

To maximize space, we installed the SAGA Black Fox Crevasse bed and cabinet system. It hides the electronics system, while leaving the floor under the bed open for gear storage. We also installed a lightweight, marine-grade SAGA Wall Kit, a SAGA Penguin aluminum AC Shroud, and a SAGA Futon with integrated storage. Bathroom duties are handled by the SAGA Poop Deck combination seat, step, and toilet and the SAGA shower, which is designed to take up exactly zero cubic feet of interior space when not in use.

The Build

Builds like these are easy for the Reparadise team — especially when you compare them with the vintage camper restorations that we built our business on. We start with a clean, new Sprinter shell and use components that are designed and built exclusively for Sprinter vans. It’s all plug and play for the pros behind the parts.

The Cheese Van is kitted out with a full 48-volt system. The entire system — two CAN-bus lithium 48-volt batteries, two Victron Orion converters, a Victron MPPT Solar Controller, and a WakeSpeed WS500 regulator fed by XXX volts of solar and a 48 Nations 5000W charge power alternator, fits in a cabinet that doubles as a support for the convertible bed system. It takes up barely any of the van’s valuable storage space.


We kitted out the Cheese Van with all the gotta-have-it weekender bits. We started with Arctic Tern windows. They use the pocket of air trapped between the double panes as insulation to save you cash on climate control. On top, you’ll find XXX-watts’ worth of Zamp Obsidian solar panels, a Dometic 7350 Fan-Tastic roof vent, and a Falcon Ridge roof rack. To get up there, we installed an Owl Vans Ladder and Tire Carrier — a lightweight (just 25 lbs.), corrosion-resistant, aluminum ladder that doubles as a spare tire mounting point. Speaking of tires — we finished off the look of the exterior with our Oversized Wheel and Tire Kit.

You don’t need to be a cheese czar to appreciate the quick-and-easy SAGA interior install. SAGA components are all about simple usability, innovative design, and super-high-quality construction. Do you have a Sprinter that you’re thinking about building out to get off the grid? Take a look at SAGA and give us a call.
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