Tiffin Cahaba Review

Sep 18, 2022

Anytime there’s a new trend, especially in high demand and low supply scenarios, copy cats jump on the band wagon. With that said, we’re seeing all kinds of 4×4 or AWD Class B RVs coming to market, to capitalize on the adventure van trend, including today’s subject; the Tiffin Cahaba.

Here at Reparadise, we’ve spent the last decade up-fitting camper vans and RVs of all walks of life at our shop in Salt lake City, Utah. From Sprinter Vans to bumper-pull campers like Outdoors RV and Airstream, we’ve seen everything the RV market has to offer, even where the sun don’t shine. And — it’s pretty well know that the RV industry loves to cut corners and pass expenses off on the end user.

Tiffin’s Cahaba is specifically marketed to the youthful, adventurous consumer longing to ditch urban life for secluded and remote camps. Unfortunately, instead of inspiring us, it’s exposed us to the bottom of the barrel when it come to execution. This camper van sure looks the part with knobby oversized tires, auxiliary lighting, gear racks, and other accessories. But, a closer inspection revels what this adventure van’s true intentions are — to capitalize on a trend and provide a miserable experience for the end consumer.

Pretty harsh words, but give the vid. a watch. From the typical cheap cabinetry, expected from budget RVs, to the the thin stamped steel accessories adorning this Sprinter Van, there’s nothing really redeeming about it. The gear carrying accessories are hot garbage, ready to fail with any real use. The holding tanks are located inches above the ground, ready to get the van high-centered on the entrance to a discount shopping center.

It should come as no surprise that Tiffin was recently acquired by Bore Thor Industries, which might explain the extra shoddy construction and blatant cash grab from what’s considered a premium RV coach builder. There’s plenty of off-road looking Class B RVs flooding the market. If they’re your jam, and the Tiffin Cahaba fits your budget and needs and you’re prepared for its short comings, by all means, hit the road and have some fun — we’re just trying to share what no salesperson or tech. would.

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