1960 Mobil Scout

Manufactured during the early sixties in Arlington, TX, this Mobile Scout needed a full rebuild. Thankfully many of the important parts stayed with the vintage camper throughout its life, including the deco Vaillant instant water heater.

Unfortunately, however, are the poor repairs a previous owner laid upon this unsuspecting canned ham. From gluing ply over structural rot to using duct tape in the oven, this Mobil Scout desperately needed to shed its past-life shaddy tree fixes. To address this, we took the vintage trailer down to its chassis, where we addresses bent and rusted beams.

From there, we installed a new floor and subfloor, while new walls were rebuilt to replace all the severely rotted timber. Before closed-cell insulation, we completely rewired the Mobile Scout; featuring two six volt batteries, a Progressive Dynamics distribution panel, and 12v LED lights throughout. For cabinetry, we retained as much of the original components as possible.

A new Marmoleum floor and linoleum countertop with aluminum trim complete the Mobil Scout’s interior finish. On the exterior, a period-correct layout, and three-stage enamel paint with a satin clear coat gives this vintage camper a truly distinctive finish.