Paulk Smart Bench

Paulk Smart Bench


The Paulk Smart Bench is the lightest, tightest, fly-est, bench you could take to the job site.

Portable, compact, and modular, the lightweight Paulk Smart Bench quickly sets up at remote job sites — adding a solid, precise work station to any project. Ron Paulk developed this work bench as a pillar to his mobile wood shop. And, when paired with our Ultralight Plywood, the Paulk Smart Bench (PSB) gains a measurable advantage over conventional plywood workstations in portability (30% Lighter) and durability (13ply hard and softwood mix, minimal core voids).

Before now, if you wanted to add this versatile and minimalist work station to your tool collection, you’d need to purchase the PDF Plans and get cutting …and, cutting, and cutting. It’s an ingenuous design, but requires hours and hours of exacting miters, rips, and drilling

With the combination of our CNC production facility, our Ultralight Plywood, and Ron’s brain power, you can now easily add this efficient and durable work station to your collection.

Comes with all hinges and screws. Tabs and slots make assembly easy!

Delivery Notes:

We’ll Be delivering the Paulk Smart Bench to UPS Locations for pick up. You can specify a location if there’s a preferred one by your residence. This is due the large size of the packaging and the weight. The package dimensions dimensions are: 73 x 35 x 6in, and weights 115lbs. It can be broken down to fit in smaller vehicles.

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Modular System

The Paulk Workbench, The SMART Woodshop, and The Paulk Total Station are unique portable designs to help increase work flow and productivity.

Ultralight Plywood

The perfect balance of low-weight and durability, our Ultralight Plywood makes this workstation easier to transport to job sites — keeping you fresh and focused on the task at hand.

CNC Construction

Let the robots do the bench building, so you can get to your own projects and jobs.


Bench top and legs
3/4" Ultralight Plywood

Working Configuration Dimensions




Stored Configuration Dimensions





Bench Top
70 Pounds

Legs and Brace
30 pounds

Quick setup

Assembly of the CNC’d Paulk Smart Bench takes all of an hour if you’re semi-skilled with hand tools. Hopefully that’s true… you’re shopping for a portable work bench, after all. You’ll need to provide some wood glue, other than that, everything is provided that’s needed to assemble the bench. Alignment tabs take the guess work out of component placement and help ensure squareness. Below, Ron shows how easily and quickly a PSB come together.

Two saw horses locked together by a beam and one table top means fast setup and break down.

  • How much does the bench weigh?
    The bench weighs about 70lbs, and the legs/brace weigh in around 30lbs
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