1966 Boles Aero

Unlike Airstreams of the sixties, this Boles Aero’s boxy profile provides more interior standing room. Giving this vintage camper an upper hand for service industry applications; where space to prep, cook, and store essentials is pushed to the max.

Also important in the food court arena is curb appeal. And, given the Boles Aero’s iconic anodized gold and silver dress, it’s safe to say in a sea of polished aluminum and vinyl graphics that this vintage trailer will draw crowds. To prepare the Boles’ for a future serving food, we gutted the interior and patched all unnecessary vents and hatches.

The original axles and obsolete split rims have been recycled and replaced with up-rated units and modern rolling stock. Underneath the new sub floor, resides a replacement grey-water tank and a fully patched and sealed belly pan. The Boles Aero’s original lights are now restored to a fully operation state, and likewise, all windows have new gaskets and tuned mechanisms.

Fabricated in house, the service windows retain the original exterior skin and factory windows. Harder to produce then installing a pre-fab unit, these service windows are a talking point that further makes the Boles Areo standout.