Quality, authenticity, and style brought to vintage campers

We are a team of fabrication, design, and small-space experts

When Airstream was busy transitioning operations from California to Ohio and antique automobiles were considered classics, one of those classics, a Model T, found its way into the hands of Steve Zinninger and kicked off a life-long passion for vintage craftsmanship.

During that time, Steve became the owner of a national commercial/industrial painting company that required extensive traveling. Despite the miles, a growing family quickly piqued a new interest — historic houses. Tastefully melding modern convenience with retro sensibilities became a driving force in his home restorations.

Houses. Automobiles. Traveling. Kinda makes sense that the allure of yesteryears’ campers soon found a new devotee. That passion has been passed on to Brandon, Steve’s son, and the president of Camper Reparadise. Growing quickly, this small business now employs ten people. With decades of combined  experience, impeccable attention to detail, and a love of quality workmanship, Camper Reparadises team is uniquely positioned to advise and serve clients considering vintage camper projects from full restorations to appealing updates.

Our Skills

From reproducing the long lost to innovating fresh solutions, our close-nit team balances skill sets to produce truly exclusive mobile spaces

Metal Fabrication

Finish Carpentry

Camper Design


Honey Bunny, Ivy is beautiful

Brandon Zinninger- President

Meet Our Team

  • Steve Zinninger
    Steve Zinninger Jack of all trades

    Steve claims he’s just a ‘painter’. But, in actuality he’s skilled craftsman with an excellent taste in classic automobiles, historic houses, and vintage campers.

  • Brandon Zinninger
    Brandon Zinninger President

    A world traveler at heart, Brandon’s recently changed paths and settled down in Salt Lake City, UT to establish Camper Reparadise’s position as a premium builder of everything mobile from vintage to contemporary.

  • Evan Quam
    Evan Quam Master Fabricator

    Evan’s aviation and race-car fabrication experience tie nicely into the high-end camper business. From the chassis to the skin, Evan ensures every product that rolls out of our shop meets industry standards.

  • Melanie Zinninger
    Melanie Zinninger Business Operations and Design

    From book work to interior color choices, Melanie Zinninger brings an expert eye for design to Reparadise while ensuring the shop operates like a well lubed machine.

  • Daniel Hall
    Daniel Hall Project Managment

    Mechanically inclined, quick witted, and hardworking, Daniel’s contributions to Reparadise range from project management to business operations, along with building campers. His family history in the camper business dates back sixty years to the first pop-up camper. Daniel’s been involved with Reparadise from the beginning and has had his hands on many projects that go through these doors.

  • Chad Nielson Demo and Shine Shop Supervisor

    Thousands of hours of experience add up to a mirror finish on vintage aluminum campers when Chad’s manning the polishing wheel. His techniques, collection of professional equipment, and leadership allows us to achieve an aluminum surface that’s unparalleled.

  • Bryan Rowe
    Bryan Rowe Retired Lead Carpenter/Designer

    Rowe’s eye for clean lines and expert lumber choices lead to many of our early modern interior designs. Unfortunately, he’s hanging up the shop apron due to ALS. Focused on making the most of an e-assist wheelchair, he frequents the shop and the world around.

  • Chance Becher
    Chance Becher Head Electrician/General Constuction

    Ever since his first 9v Eveready shock, Chance has tinkered with electronics. Now he maps out complex RV systems for Reparadise, including solar, 110v inverters, and power controllers.

  • Kendra Still
    Kendra Still Drafting, Design, and office Assistant

    Detail oriented and goal driven, Kendra provides our clients with camper renderings during the design phase … and, when Mel’s out of the office it’s up to Kendra to keep things in order.

  • Jake Lawlor
    Jake Lawlor

    When the snow’s piled up, you’ll find Jake at the resort doing his part to pioneer the skibike or push ski blades to their limit… thankfully his focus, efficiency, and work ethic keeps the sawdust stacked deep in this shop. You can see the result of his work in this Backcountry.com trailer, Ambassador, Clipper, Sovereign, and an up coming Airstream Flying Cloud.

  • Molly Harding
    Molly Harding

    Equally proficient in the metal shop as in the wood shop (just take a look at this custom Tin Bar), Molly helps pick up the slack with whatever needs to be done. When punched out, you’ll find molly on single track ribbons, or competing in Jujitsu tournaments.

  • Brent Roggman
    Brent Roggman Fabricator, Technician

    Brent brings to the Reparadise team a natural talent for metal fabrication, which is easy to see in his art work. On top of his ability to whisper aluminum and coheres it into complex shapes, Brent’s eclectic collection of vehicles ranging from a custom BMX chopper to his DD Cherokee Chief always brings a good conversation to the table.

  • Connor Airmet
    Connor Airmet Engineer

    When Connor’s not tinkering on a Bimmer or customizing a moto, he can be found skipping leg day in prep for the rugby pitch. To fuel those passions, he’s spearheaded some of Reparadise’s largest undertakings… a ’50s Silver Streak with an opening side, and DHEREDS. A display that stows and deploys in a matter of seconds.

    Connor’s currently working on ever more grandeur projects and leading Reparadise into the next frontier.

  • Erin Richey Design and Project Managment

    Erin isn’t related to Lionel or Nicole Richie. The big boss man decided to hire her anyway and hasn’t once regretted his decision. Erin turns the pictures in her head into beautiful camp trailer interiors. Our ’77 Sovereign, ’77 Ambassador, and ’71 Shasta Compact all display her signature handiwork. When Erin isn’t busy transforming meh into masterpiece, you may find her spontaneously road-tripping with her two sons. She also enjoys roughing it in the backcountry, which she’s been doing since she was four months old.

  • Tyson Brinkerhoff
    Tyson Brinkerhoff Project Lead

    Raised in Utah Valley, Tyson was taught to pay attention to details by an award winning home builder, but found his passions in vintage restorations. With a degree in collision repair & street rod technology, he also has 4 years of project management in customizing Airstream trailers under his belt. He is cool under pressure and often tells others he’s “livin the dream”, with his wife Brandy and four amazing kids.