Once famous for sweet onions, a burgeoning wine industry now casts a prominent grapevine-shadow over Walla Walla’s celebrated crop. This reputation started in the late seventies and has grown into an industry that not only supports multiple award winning vineyards and shops catering to the trade, but an institute dedicated to Enology and Viticulture as well.

The newest sprout of Walla Walla is Chillville – a community located a mellow jaunt from the award-winning, both civil and culinary, Main Street. It is here that CampeReparadise’s freshly refurbished 1964 Barth now resides. Joining multiple, hand-selected campers spanning sixty years of American travel-trailer history, this Barth’s dinette with distinctive wraparound windows now provides a panoramic view of Washington’s wine country.

The vintage camper community is hosted by a food and wine editor delighted in offering both regional and culinary advice. We’re more than happy seeing this Barth join the character, charm, and culture of a premier destination, within an equally premier city.

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