Four Months Later

Jan 20, 2016

Here at Camper Repardise, we’ve recently completed a few units worth mentioning; A custom Airstream Overlander, a restored 1960 Mobil Scout, and a modified-for-the-service-industry Airstream Tradewind. The Overlander, a client design, provides space to work and relax when on the road. We’re more than pleased with the in-house engineered booth seating that transforms into a spacious queen-sized bed.

Its stained-glass bathroom door is a nice touch, too. Moving on from a modern-style camper, the classic Mobil Scout went from neglected to factory-fresh through our restoration process. Now a show piece with many original, restored features, this canned ham will easily outshine other vintage units with its hot-rod paint and quality interior finish. Lastly, with the Tradewind, we fabricated a service window and applied a premium polish to a once weathered exterior.

In addition to producing these trailers, we’ve also made some strides in the digital world. For one, and most obviously, we’ve updated the website. Now our restorations reside in the portfolio, and hopefully you’ll find it easier to navigate through the various projects that pass through our doors. On top of that, we’re now active on Pinterest and our Instagram account has surpassed 500 followers.

For upcoming projects, a 1952 Traveleer is in for a full off-grid restomod including a Timbren Axle-less system and 250-watts of solar power. Ahead of that trailer are two other units from the fifties. Both riveted and both headed to Modernism Week in Palm Springs, CA. One is an Airstream Cruisette with a no-expense-spared restoration, and the other is a Boles Areo Ensenada we plucked from the Mojave Desert almost a year ago to date.

The Cruisette is spoken for, but the Boles Aero will be available for sale. Speaking of things for sale, Bryan Rowe, a Reparadise resource for design and carpentry is selling some art. But, some might see it as furniture. If you’re interested in dinning, meditation, or end tables crafted from reclaimed Salt Lake timber and barn wood drop us an inquiry, or contact him directly. On a final note of this long-winded web log, I guess when you don’t post things add up… Alex Deckard’s been busy using the Bell adventure trailer, and putting together some amazing art himself.

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