FYI, we’re a RoamRig Installer…
January 13, 2021

…and have been for a little over a year now. In that time, our Silidker-trained Hayden surpassed 30 RoamRig installs. That’s pretty impressive, considering the amount of dead weight that’s gutted from the Winnebago Revel electrical system.

Reparadise is consistently growing , adding more gear, vendors and services to help make your outdoor adventures just a little bit more epic. So you can imagine that we are pretty stoked to add RoamRig to our list of custom installs services at the shop. Yes, you heard correctly , Reparadise is an official a RoamRig installer which means you can have this sweet system installed  by one of our install experts locally at Reparadise.
RoamRig was founded in 2019 by Aaron Silidker, a hands-on  engineer who has always been passionate about building stuff and supporting local shops. A Connecticut local operation , RoamRig supports Connecticut vendors and does business around the USA as much as possible.   
You might be wondering, what exactly is RoamRig? Glad you asked; the long and short is that RoamRig is fully self-contained Lithium Power System unit, that fits in the OEM bench seat in your Winnebago Revel, chucking over 300lbs of wiring, batteries, and 
other components scattered throughout your Revel and replacing it with a system that weighs about half that. The system is  designed so that the bench seat can be rotated in the future, giving you even more space to flex whatever you’re flexing.  By centralizing all of the components in one place you have more choices in how you use the space in your cabin.


Rather than just adding lithium batteries to a stock or slightly modified Revel power system, RoamRig pairs quality Lithium batteries with other  boss components in a redesigned layout thats clean, organized , space saving and weight reducing. RoamRig doesnt stop there, additionally, it’s protected from harsh environmental elements, and let’s be honest, extreme off grid adventures usually involve temperatures and other seasonal elements that can have a negative effect on lithium performance.
 For example, some batteries that are cold weather compliant can have temperature based limitations where internal heating can’t keep the batteries warm enough to effectively charge. 
 (Not good) Not to mention batteries and metal battery lugs that are exposed to challenging elements can muck up , cause energy loss and even worse…… potential system failure. (That’s also not good) 

With RoamRig,  the batteries are inside the heated/cooled space in your van, which means as long as the vans heat is on, and isn’t sitting at freezing or below, the battery temperature is not an issue in cold weather. The batteries also protect themselves and can’t be damaged if they happen to find themselves in adversely cold  temperatures. When they warm up, they will wake up and act normally. (That’s good)

What Roam Rig does is places expansive batteries and support equipment in temperature conditioned space inside your rig so that they’re ready to party whenever you are. Science says, batteries that are placed far from each other , sources and loads,  can charge and discharge unequally, intern making the capacity of the system potentially lower than expected due to battery balance drifting over time. Fortunately the RoamRig Revel Power System  keeps all components cozy and close together, which shortens cable length and decreases power loss over the cables. 

The design of the RoamRig Lithium Power System comes to us fully assembled so the installation process  as simple as possible. And there’s more; with the RoamRig Lithium Power System all of the components are super easy to access, without requiring overly complicated removal of the batteries from the system for your routine maintenance. The control panel also has a future proof design, with some added switch spots that means you can add more components if you so choose-more components, more fun.  Ditch the generator, blast the A/C with RoamRig it’s pretty much a game changer for Revel adventure owners- Buy yours right this second. 
The RoamRig system is  Available in 3 stages which you can find out more about here:
The system boast 
420-630ah Amp Hours of Storage at 12.8 Volts Nominal
  • 3,000W Pure Sine Inverter / 100A Shore Charge (can run AC and induction cooktop at the same time without a soft start from battery power)
  • 750W MPPT Solar Charge Controller and DC / DC Converter
  • Accurate Bluetooth System Monitoring with wall mounted gauge
  • Available Automatic Engine Start and Quick Charge with Auxiliary Alternator and high idle
Each item has a manufacturer warranty and the batteries have a lifetime warranty! Not to mention the interconnecting components and installation will be warrantied by RoamRig (not the installation partner) for 1 year from the completion of the installation. 
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