Marc Guido, host of Grand Adventure, gives a guided tour of Reparadise

Feb 29, 2024

Introducing an electrifying journey into the heart of Airstream and Sprinter electrical upgrades! Marc Guido, the adventurous soul behind Grand Adventure, takes a look that will ignite your passion for adventure living by giving you a guided walkthrough of all the cool stuff going on at Reparadise.

Join Marc on his latest escapade as he delves into the world of, a hub of innovation for adventure camping rigs. In this eagerly anticipated video, Marc teams up with Chance, an expert at, to unravel the mysteries behind electrical upgrades and the intricacies of camper van conversions and airstream resto-mods going on in the shop. You will also get a peek at what’s going on with our SAGA Vans product line of electrical kits and easy-install interior foundation kits designed to speed up some of the difficult PITA installs of flooring, wall, and ceiling panels. From wiring wizardry to power-packed solutions, Marc and Chance will leave no stone unturned as they guide you through the process of upgrading and restoring. 

Get ready to uncover the secrets of transforming classic trailers and vans into modern marvels of comfort and convenience that will spark your wanderlust and get you pumped for the Spring season. The premiere awaits, buckle up, the road beckons!

Check it out right here


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