Piss Poor Thor Sanctuary

Apr 19, 2022

Dan takes a break from an Alaskan Camper restoration he’s working on to go over a brand new Thor Sanctuary in the shop for some suspension upgrades. The Van Compass Sprinter Van 4.3 kit, to be exact. These Sprinter Van coaches start at $160,000… You’d think they’d have some sort of quality control before leaving the factory 🤔🤔 You’d also think they’d have some sort of quality control before leaving the dealer. But, that’s not the case.

It’s understandable for there to be some issues to appear in the first couple days of new RV ownership. It’s impossible to catch all problems in a complex RV, and a return visit to the dealer/manufacturer after the first few camping trips to address these are acceptable. But, the issues, pointed out here by Dan, were easy to identify and are indicative of the lazy-ness, ineptitude, and corner-cutting rampant in the RV industry.

It’s as if these manufacturers never left the malaise era of ’70s auto manufacturing, and the greasy salesmen and factory workers from that time holed up in the RV industry and still thrive.

We’re not perfect by any means. But, our team of builders, engineers, and craftsmen put as much effort into our builds as possible to reduce the chance for a client to have a bad experience. Something the complacent union works, designers, and managers in the mid-west factories can’t claim — based on the campers that visit our shop.

This Thor Sanctuary came into the shop for a Van Compass Sprinter Van 4.3 suspension upgrade, to improve ground clearance and drive-ability. A step in the right direction for this Sprinter Camper van to become a capable off-highway camper.

We’ll be rolling out more piss poor vids, as the junk keeps rolling to our shop.

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