Avatar Off Road Mega Storage Box

Sprinter Van Rear storage box
4x4 Van gear storage
Sprinter Van Rear storage box

Avatar Off Road Mega Storage Box


High quality hinges, latches, seals, and a unique door design sets this Salt Lake City, Utah manufactured Adventure Van gear storage box from the rest.

Before you bolt a used refrigerator to the back of your 4×4 Adventure van, consider boosting carrying capacity with the voluminousness Mega Box from Avatar Offroad. Packing the cargo volume equivalent of a Geo Metro (that’s a subcompact from the ’90s if you have no idea what we’re talking about here), the Avatar Mega Box features a cool design with a top-hinged door that opens like a hatch, and and a bottom hinged door that swings down like a tailgate. Let the party begin.

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Durable Construction

Unlike rust-prone steel boxes, this black, powder-coated aluminum storage box keeps weight at a minimum and will stand the test of time riding on the back of your Adventure Van. But, durable wall-construction is only part of the equation… if the hinges are cheap crap-a-zon specials, the rubber gaskets sourced from Vato-zone, and latches picked up at the local Hobo-depot — your sweet exterior stored gear is either going to be soaked, an easy target for thieves, or sprawled out along some dirt road in the middle of nowhere. You’d probably been better off going the used fridge route.

Thankfully, Avatar Offroad’s Van storage box game is strong. The tight tolerances and industrial-grade rubber bulb seal ensures dust, dirt, and moisture stay on the outside. Likewise, the hinges and latches are not items you’ll find at a hardware store. These are sturdy components sourced from off-road and industrial applications. Expect the Avatar Offroad Mega Box to outlast the gear you’re stashing in there.

Hatchback Coverage, Tailgate Convenience

A flat, solid work surface is perfect for bike maintenance, or organizing climbing gear, or whatever other poison your converted Adventure Van enables you. There’s help out there. You’re not alone. Having the top swing up is ingenious because it allows uninhibited access to the box from either side, and it’ll provide a little shelter from the sun/rain. That’s a solid win win in our book.


Organize your gear on the fold-down Avatar Mega Box door



24 x 40 x 16″

24-1/4 x 40-1/4 x 18″

20-1/2 x 35″


With Included Shelves


Complete Box



Drop Down Door

Hefty Bolt-ons

The Mega Box Pars nicely with the Massif Sprinter and Ford Transit Rear Door Carriers. It can also work with gear carriers from Owl Van, Van Speed, and others… of course, there may be clearance/interference issues, so we typically go with Avatar’s carrier. We’re happy to install the Avatar Offroad Mega Box and a Carrier on the back of your converted adventure van, contact us to arrange an installation.


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