SAGA Galley Drawer Box (Cabinet 2)

SAGA Galley Drawer Box (Cabinet 2)


Pre-laminated Cabinet with four drawers for added storage in your Van or RV

The drawer box features 4 drawers. That should be plenty of room to store all your eating and cooking utensils, as well as other random crap (headlamps, matches, nunchucks) that you might need in a hurry. The drawers feature RV slides to ensure that the drawers don’t pop open when you’re getting all four-wheeley, and the bottom drawer is a little more shallow to provide room for systems (electrical, plumbing) to pass through.

slider does not have any rows
  • Dowel and Cam construction for easy assembly
  • Two laminate options: Atlantis – D25 and white
  • Laminated on either side w/corresponding edge banding
  • Constructed from Lite Ply
  • Four Drawers with RV Slides
  • Bottom Drawer leaves 4 7/8″ space in back of drawer for electrical or plumbing system pass-through

camper van galley componets


15.5″ (39.37cm)

18.5″ (47cm)

35.5″ (90.17cm)

  • Can I build this at home?
    Yes this is designed so you can assemble it in side of your project.
  • How much is shipping?
    Flat packed full kit delivered freight is around $300.
  • Can I modify the boxes to fit my needs?
    Absolutely! But, this makes Emily nervous. Of course, once you modify the box, you own it. The 3/4in dimensions are easy to work with, and the light ply holds screws pretty well, but as with anything wood, you can strip out a screw if over tightened. For heavier or load bearing items, we’d recommend using Tee Nuts with machine screws, or add some other type of metal backing plate. Here, you can see an additional flip-up table and a LagunUSA table-system-base added to the sides of our Galley Sink Box.
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