Isotherm Cruise 130 Elegance

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4.6 cubic-foot camp trailer refrigerator

These days, we have way too many options. That’s why you feel so good when you find something that works — a favorite toothpaste, a good mechanic, cool-weather cat booties that little Mr. Friskers will actually wear without feeling self-conscious.

For the team at Reparadise, the Isotherm Cruise 130 Elegance (CR130E for cool, industry-types) has become that go-to product because it looks great, hits that sweet spot for storage vs size, fits in many camper applications and achieves this across wide price spectrum — while maintaining performance.

Want a knock-about fridge? go for the basic, yet glossy black unit. Feeling a bit posh or modern? the silver model fits the bill. Looking for that high-end yacht vib? The stainless, Clean Touch finish, looks the part.

Isotherm 130 Cruise opened

Size and Storage:

At 4.6 cubic feet, the CR130E holds plenty of road-treats and after-hours beverages without overwhelming the cabin space. The fridge’s size is perfect for campers that are supporting 2-3 people on a weekend trip and ideal for sub 24ft trailers and Van Builds… which is why we keep this RV fridge in stock. For our larger builds the Cruise 200 often gets honors, and sometimes, we’ll combine multi Isotherm models. There’s many sizes and shaped available from Isotherm, and we can special order any of them.

Other features include a 6-liter freezer compartment, 2 adjustable shelves, a magnetic steel evaporator door, and a vegetable bin covered by a glass shelf.

Power Consumption:

Isotherm states the Cruise 130 Elegance chews up 418 watts in 24hrs. This is based on ISO standards ( ISO 15502:2005 and EN 153:2006):

Operation on 12 V with +5°C in the refrigeration space, ambient temperature +25°C

In van builder/dyi camper-guy speak, that works out to 1.45Ah. Here’s our math:

418watt / 24h = 17.4Wh

17.4Wh / 12V = 1.45Ah

This is of course, based on the above listed operating conditions, which is sterile-lab based — not what you’ll find in the real world. According to our butt dyno, we typically, see the Isotherm 130 Cruise running around 3Ah in real world use. Logically, we see more power consumption during the summer heat.

If ultra-efficiency is your jam, Isotherm provides a Intelligent Temperature Control that’ll cut this fridges consumption a claimed 50%… perfect for

Boost Cruise 130 Fridge efficiency 50%

situations where solar or battery space is limited.

Instantaneous Consumption: 6.0 Amperes

Low Voltage Protection: 9.6V

Minimum Operating Voltage: 10.9V


  • Silent, highly efficient, fan-cooled 12/24V Danfoss/Secop compressor (type BD35F)
  • Innovative vent-lock system
  • Easy-fit installation solutions
  • Ready for Isotherm Smart Energy Control
  • White LED internal lighting
  • Customizable door panel & handle
  • 6-liter freezer compartment with door
  • Extra-thick door insulation
  • Optional fixing frames
  • Volume: 130 liters


The Cruise 130  Elegance comes with the Proud Mount Flange. It can be installed with or without the flange depending on your aplication. We we’re able to slide this 12v RV Fridge into the stock space of an Alaskan Camper vintage and new.

This fridge fits openings 29.75×20.5×21.5in, HxWxD measured in the shop. The flashing adds about 3/4in to overall size. Isotherms official specs can be found here.

Ventilation is important for proper fridge operation. The condenser needs to exchange heat. Isotherm recommends a 9cm diameter or equivalent vent located low on the fridge and one higher to allow passive air flow.

How to change door front and customize your Cruise Elegance fridge

How to install a flush mounting flange on a Cruise Elegance fridge

Don’t feel like installing an Isothrem 130 Cruise RV fridge in your camper? We can quote an installation it for you.

Reparadise Installs:

1951 Flying Cloud

1962 Unimog

2018 Sprinter Sportsmobile

1978 VW Bus Type 2

1991 Alaskan Camper


Read why we carry the Isotherm 130, and what we have to say about camp refrigerators here.

Internal Mounting system Allows modern flush mounting, allowing the fridge to flow with modern interiors

Black flanges included with the Silver and Black models, clean touch comes with a stainless flange to cover some gap. Here’s

Black fridge features a glossy finish

Silver Fridge features a brushed aluminum finish

Clean Touch fridge features a stainless steel finish

Reparadise is an authorized Indel Webasto Marine dealer. We can get you any Isotherm product — if we don’t have it in stock, we can get it. Just call or email.

Shipping:Crated Isotherm Cruise 130

We ship these fridges on a pallet, via LTL freight.

This can run anywhere from $80 and up. We can arrange for pickup up at shipping distribution centers to help reduce costs… most freight drivers don’t want to navigate residential areas, understandably so. Contact us for shipping quotes if needed.


All AC/DC options in stock. We also have the Isotherm Intelligent Temperature Control in stock

Additional information

Weight 65 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 26 × 32 in

AC/DC, DC only

Fridge Finish

Black, Silver, Clean Touch

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