Isotherm Cruise 130 Elegance

$2,100.00 $1,800.00


4.6-liter camp trailer refrigerator

These days, we have way too many options. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, go to the cereal aisle at your local grocery store and try to take it all in at once. It’s overwhelming. That’s why you feel so good when you find something that works — a favorite toothpaste, a good mechanic, cool-weather cat booties that little Mr. Friskers will actually wear without feeling self-conscious.

For the team at Reparadise, the Isotherm Cruise 130 Elegance (CR130E for cool, industry-types) has become that go-to product because it looks great and does everything well. At 4.6 cubic feet, the CR130E holds plenty of road-treats and after-hours beverages without overwhelming the cabin space. The two-inch-thick door reduces battery consumption up to 50% under normal cruising conditions. Other features include a 6-liter freezer compartment, 2 adjustable shelves, a magnetic steel evaporator door, and a vegetable bin covered by a glass shelf.

Read why we carry the Isotherm 130, and what we have to say about camp refrigerators here.


  • Silent, highly efficient, fan-cooled 12/24V Danfoss/Secop compressor (type BD35F)
  • Innovative vent-lock system
  • Easy-fit installation solutions
  • Ready for Isotherm Smart Energy Control
  • White LED internal lighting
  • Customizable door panel & handle
  • 6-liter freezer compartment with door
  • Extra-thick door insulation
  • Optional fixing frames
  • Volume: 130 liters

Reparadise is an authorized Indel Webasto Marine dealer. We can get you any Isotherm product — if we don’t have it in stock, we can get it. Just call or email.

Additional information

Weight 65 lbs
Dimensions 19.375 × 29.675 × 20.58 in

Black, Silver