SAGA Sprinter Van Rear Door Bike Repair Stand

Bike stand and sprinter mounting bracket for rear door

SAGA Sprinter Van Rear Door Bike Repair Stand


De-clutter your van with this Sprinter rear door wall mount bike repair stand. The more components you can integrate with a Camper Van, the less clutter you’ll have — and carting a clunky bike repair stand around is less than ideal.

The #vanlife organization struggle is real. This door-mounted Sprinter Van Bike Repair Stand from SAGA features a laser cut and hydraulically formed bracket to reinforce the Sprinter Vans passenger-side rear door so it’ll safely hold a wall mounted bike repair stand.

We set out to produce a solution that did not protrude into the coach or garage of the van and found the Songmics Repair Stand with a low profile mount. This fits the bill. While it’s not as burly as a Park Tool Stand, it’s good enough for this application. You can easily and quickly remove the clamp with just a thin bracket left that’s nearly flush with the rear door.

This eliminates any clearance issues with where a bed platform is positioned. A problem we’ve run into when using a Park Tool Bike Repair Stand. The Park Tool wall mount receiver protrudes into the van garage space and often interfered with the bed or bike storage without some sort of compromise. That’s why we went with the low-profile option.

However, if you’re set on another version over the one we’ve specified, you can mount any stand you like to our bracket, you’ll just have to work around any issues that pop up.

Installation of the stand requires removing the door panel, trimming the panel, drilling holes, using a sealant/adhesive, and setting rivets. It’s NOT exactly a DIY kit at this point and will require a professional install or some basic tool/builder knowledge.

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Nearly Flush Mounting

The Songmics wall mount bike repair stand bracket protrudes less then one half inch, that’s about a centimeter, from the door. This allows you to close the door without worrying about items inside the van.

Bicycle mount for sprinter van rear door

Low profile rear mount bike repair stand clears bed frames and cargo

44lb weight rating

The Songmics wall mount bike stand can support up to 44lbs. It’ll hold most any mountain or road bike no problem. If your e-moped falls under this weight, it’ll work here.

Easy to store

Wall mount repair stands take up a tenth of the room as stand-alone style repair stands. Simply remove the clamp and stash it in the van.

Weight Rating


Clamp Range





Clamp Pads





30 lbs

Not Recommended for DYI un-less you have mad rivet skillz. We are recommending installation by a professional up-fitter if possible. On top of drilling, sealing, and riveting, the plastic door card will need trimming.

Salt Lake City Installation available; Contact us to schedule an install day.

  • How much weight can this stand hold?
    Maximum load capacity is 44 lb (20 kg)
  • Can I use the bracket with another manufatures clamp?
    Yes, you can us a Park Tool Wall Mount
  • Will this stand hold my e-bike?
    Does it weigh under 44lbs? YES -- the stand will work; NO -- the stand will fail, and your e-bike will fall on your toe.
  • Can I install this myself?
    Not recomended, profesional upfitter/technition recomended
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