SAGA Dometic Penguin II AC Air Distribution Shroud

SAGA Dometic Penguin II AC Air Distribution Shroud


Dometic’s shroud for the Penguin II AC units date back to a decade when dial up modems screeeeched, hisssed, and squaawked data across phone lines — its shape perfect for a prop on Star Trek TNG. Here, at Reparadise, we like to use the Penguin II AC units because they’re proven and when compared to the other options, relatively inexpensive.
To solve the dated RV look, we developed the SAGA Penguin AC Shroud so that our builds, and now yours, will look like something that’s from this decade.
To use the SAGA Penguin AC Shroud, you’ll need a wall-mount thermostat, as the controls at the unit are deleted. This also means you’ll need to run the communication wires through the walls and ceiling. 
The SAGA Penguin AC Shroud is available in raw aluminum or powder coated black. With the raw version; you can powder coat it whatever color you want, leave it brushed, or go the extra mile and polish it to a mirror finish.
Included with the Aluminum Shroud are vents and mounting hardware, install time is a few minutes.
Two to Three Week lead time


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Low Profile = Increased Head Room

The SAGA Penguin II AC Shroud is about two inches shorter then the stock shroud, freeing up precious head room often in the middle of the camper.

Aluminum Construction

Nothing’s more frustrating then yellowed, brittle plastic. If you’re building a camper for long-term ownership, avoiding anything made from plastic will provide enjoyment for decades.

Contemporay Design

The SAGA Penguin II AC Shroud complements the interior of modern campers with its minimalist design and subtle style.







Country of Origin

United States

Attaches to the standard mounting bolt holes in the Dometic Penguin II AC Shroud. Controls at the unit need to be removed and Dometic wall-mount thermostat like the Single Zone Thermostat with Control Kit – White (9600024570).

Communication wires need to be run through the walls and ceiling. 

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