Thetford C223-CS Cassette Toilet

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The Thetford C223-CS cassette toilet is the perfect toilet for small spaces.

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Does a toilet really matter?

Using a portable/cassette toilet in a van or small camper build/restoration is a great way to add convenience to your outdoor experience. There are many options out there, and we keep a simpler style in stock for those minimalist applications. The reality is that cassette toilets are a bit of a compromise in the comfort and convenience realm.

Which brings us to an important point: A comfortable toilet can make or break the vacation you’ve been planning for months.

Why Thetford?

So, what makes the Thetford C223-CS cassette toilet a standout in a sea of mediocre imitators?The Thetford C223-CS cassette toilet combines the best of a traditional black water tank/standard RV Toilet with the convenience of a portable pot. Install the C223 as a freestanding unit or against any outer wall. The space-saving Thetford C223-CS cassette toilet rotates a full 180 degrees, so comfort isn’t dependent upon mount position. To lock the C223 in place, just take a seat — it’s that easy.

The waste tank contains a full 4.75 gallons and comes equipped with a water level indicator. The waste tank also includes wheels and a handle and an integrated no-splash pour spout makes dumping easier.

The deluxe cassette toilet

If you’ve done your research, you probably know that Thetford calls its base model cassette toilet the C220. The C223 adds a couple convenient features that are definitely worth looking at, and the main reason we keep this model around.

First, there’s the direct connection to the RV freshwater tank with the water supply line coming in through the back of the toilet. This means you do not have to fill a second tank to flush your toilet, which is the common practice for portable toilets. Second feature that sets the Thetford C223-CS apart is the quiet, efficient electric flush system. This uses a 12v solenoid to open up the water line and relies on an RV water pump to provide the pressure. The third major feature, and the one we like the most, is the ability to remote mount the flush switch and forgo using the shroud. 


  • Space-saving bowl rotates 180 degrees
  • 75 gal. waste tank capacity
  • Waste tank level indicator
  • Integrated no-splash pour spout
  • Portrait or landscape service door orientation
  • Waste tank includes handle & wheels to ease dumping
  • Direct connection to the RV freshwater tank
  • Electric flush

Reparadise Installs:

1991 Alaskan Camper (Custom fit, will not work without extensive modification)

1962 Unimog 404 camper conversion

Pooping can be, and often is, an underrated experience. This is especially true when you’re on vacation — stuck with the fam for days at a time. It can be tough to find an excuse to slip away for a little peace. The toilet provides the Serenity Now moment you need when you think you’re about to explode. If your only escape during these times of need is a cramped bathroom with an uncomfortable throne, you might just lose it completely.

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