Vintage Trailer Axles
May 19, 2014

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As outdoor enthusiast and purveyors of all-things camping, Conqueror Australia’s Urban Escape Vehicles have captured our attention on more than one occasion. Demanding admiration for impressive packaging and engineering, these trailers for the rough-and-tumble outback are ideal for Moab’s backcountry.

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Image from Conqueror Australia

But that doesn’t mean you’re limited to paved campgrounds unless you’re pulling a purpose-built adventure camper. While we wouldn’t recommend dragging a vintage camper through terrain an UEV’s designed for, the construction and materials of early Airstreams and Canned Ham trailers easily conquered the less-then-ideal road conditions common of that era. Which means taking a dirt road to more remote camp grounds is entirely possible.

The biggest concern, before venturing further than the thoroughfare, is the condition of nearly fifty-year old parts — in particular whats under your trailer. Over time essential components become compromised so, if you want to travel knowing brakes, springs, wheels, and tires are up to modern standards, consider an axle swap. Aside from the peace-of-mind knowing your trailer’s fully serviceable, gains in suspension travel and tow-ability can enhance the vintage trailer experience.

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That’s something Camper Reparadise specializes in. With a new axle towing manners, safety, and serviceability are all greatly improved. Not only will routine travels be safer and less stressful, escaping crowds for more remote campgrounds in a classy trailer can be a reality. Most recently, we’ve been adding Axle-Less suspension to vintage campers; check out the Bell Adventure Rig and Traveleer.

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