We Suck
December 26, 2022

With the harsh reality that peer reviews are, we’ve come to grips with the fact we’re no longer a 4.9-star company, and now a lowly 4.8 — due to our first one-star Google review. Sad trombone. What’s worse is that in a world of parking sensors, virtual 3D backup cameras, and lane sensors, we’ve been enlightened to the fact that our employees can’t park.

But, maybe it’s not just our employees fault, as this review seems to have originated the day after our Holiday party. It’s held on a Saturday evening when friends, family… and, parking-challenged employees descend on Reparadise once a year.

Areal view of Reparadise, showing parking spaces

Regardless of our lame party-night excuses for this legit Google review, we’re going to initiate a parking skill requirement for all new hires. And, for existing worker bees, we’re going to provide parking training. This will help enhance the ability to read existing signage (soon to be improved with graphics for those that are werd challenged), spatial awareness improved by parking drills with cones, and finally familiarization of vehicles features; and how to properly adjust rear view mirrors.

Hopefully this will prevent any future inconvenience to Moz Goz Roz, and other businesses that we share the parking lot with.

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