We’re an Agile Offroad Dealer! That’s right.
November 27, 2020

Reparadise continues to add more overland projects to our list. Along the way, we’ve picked up some seriously cool vendors. Add Agile Offroad to that list. Based in Santee, California, these guys are all about performance. Agile designs meaty suspension systems (and they love them some Fox Racing), long-range fuel tanks, brake upgrade kits, and plenty of other overland upgrades that don’t just look cool but improve how your overland vehicle works.

Our first install, a full Ride Improvement Package for a Sprinter, was a perfect plug-and-play package. The full camper setup adds a ton of weight. In fact, this particular Sprinter was pretty much maxxed-out with no one on board, the tanks empty, and the cupboards bare. The kit, which includes much, MUCH meatier leaf springs and supplementary Fox shocks, added the stiffness to restore the ride quality and give the Sprinter real-deal off-road chops.


And guess what—we sell that sumbitch here.

To learn more about Agile Offroad and what their overland-specific products can do for your off-road and camp experience, stop by Reparadise or give us a call at (801) 972-5211.

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