Agile ARB Compressor Kit

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The Agile ARB Compressor Kit makes it easy to air up your tires after going off-road. The kit includes everything you’ll need to equip your Sprinter or overland vehicle.

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The Search for Air

Do you have to look for air every time you get back on the pavement? The Agile ARB Compressor Kit makes on-the-fly tire pressure adjustments a snap because the ARB 12-volt twin onboard air compressor mounts inside your van’s engine bay or underneath the vehicle. It operates with a convenient dash-mounted switch.

Optimize Your Performance

Drop the air pressure for traction off-road and bring the pressure back up when you hit pavement. Run your camper at optimal tire pressure all the time without having to hunt down a fuel station with a compressor. The Agile ARB Compressor Kit will increase tire pressure from the mid-teens to 70 PSI in minutes. 

Where to mount the Agile ARB Compressor Kit

The ARB Twin Compressor mounts inside the engine bay. There’s a perfect spot for it on the driver’s side directly above the ECU. It uses our exclusive black powder-coated steel mounting tray. But if you prefer to mount the compressor underneath the vehicle, the mounting tray is not necessary.


  • 12-volt high-performance compressor
  • 100 PSI maximum
  • Pressure switch controlled air manifold system
  • Works with air tools + all ARB Air Locker-equipped vehicles
  • The highest air flow rate of any 12V compressor its size
  • Consumes 56 Amps at maximum airflow
  • Built with sealed components
  • Hard-anodized cylinder bores & PTFE (Teflon) impregnated carbon fiber piston seals
  • Ducted IP55 sealed brushless DC cooling fan & anodized motor mounting brackets
  • Anti-vibration / sound deadening integrated into the mount
  • Splash-resistant air filter assemblies
  • High-density & high-flow washable sintered bronze air filter elements
  • Full wiring loom included
  • Equipped with dual heavy-duty Maxi-Fuses
  • Motors are water-sealed, 100% ball bearing-equipped & feature a unique linear brush pre-load system
  • Motors are internally thermally protected against extreme temperature damage
  • Compressor pistons are equipped with a heavy-duty cylindrical roller bearing
  • Over-pressure safety valve equipped
  • Factory Mercedes Benz dashboard switch included
  • Fully serviceable + all replacement parts available
  • EMF suppressed for use in proximity to sensitive electronic equipment
  • CE & C-Tick compliant
  • Engineered, built, & individually dyno-tested

Additional information

Weight 28 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 13 × 9 in