UltraLight Plywood

1/4 inch Ultralight plywood
1/4 inch Ultralight plywood

UltraLight Plywood



  • 10 sheet minimum for all shipping orders
  • Call for bulk pricing discounts
  • No minimum for local pickup orders

Ultralight Premium Plywood

We’ve got wood²! The perfect balance of lightness (57lbs., 3/4in), stability (13ply, 3/4in), and durability (exterior grade adhesive, low void) — our Ultralight Plywood’s 40-percent lighter than the competition. Damn, Son. Those are some big claims. When building campers, vans, trailers, boats, planes, portable workbenches and anything where low-weight and structural integrity is critical, you won’t find a better product.

²(squared explained) A few years back, we purchased our first bulk Plywood order. We wanted the best plywood to build campers out of in Salt Lake City, Utah. But, no one locally provided it. Our suppliers catered to traditional craftsmen and builders… not, Van Builders, Camper Builders, and Camper Restorers. We took a chance, and dropped coin on more wood then we needed, and offered it for sale to the public. This helped not only us, but other builders get the goods to construct better campers. Here we are a few years later with an even better and lighter wood available. Excellent screw holding, knot-free length grain, exterior grade glue, and a low weight, Ultralight Plywood is our go to in the shop, and can be your go to now, too².

See some of our builds that use this plywood:

1964 Airstream Land Yacht; Saga 170 Sprinter Van; Saga 144 Sprinter van; Garcia Hand Picked Airstream; Saga 170 Sprinter; Luxury 4×4 Sprinter

We also manufacture our Saga Cabinetry out of this Ultralight Plywood.

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Optimized for Finishing
Our lightweight plywood’s superior flat production ensures a high-quality heat-form pressure lamination. This provides excellent cabinet construction and the assurance that your end product will stand the test of time.
If you’re not looking to laminate, the triple sanded to 220-grit AA grade Pine Veneer face and back are ready for a top coat — whether it’s paint or urethane. Read that as you don’t have to sand as much. You don’t want to sand more than you have to, do you?
Superior Construction
A knot-free length grain and low-void core with 9 Plys (1/2in) or 13plys (3/4in) looks great from the get-go and securely holds screws while possessing great strength and stability. The plys are bonded using an exterior-grade adhesive for long-term durability. Ultralight Plywood exterior grade adhesive will resist damage from moisture and is perfect for camper builds. The large number of plys compared to standard plywood ensures the boards are stable dimensionally, and provide excellent comparable strength.
TSCA Title VI certification gives peace of mind that you’re not going to choke out from formaldehyde when processing the wood.
Low Weight

Did we mention it’s light?

3/4in 13 Ply = 57lbs/sheet

1/2in 9 Ply = 39lbs/sheet

1/4in 5 Ply = 20bs/sheet

That’s 40% lighter than a comparable Baltic Birch plywood. This not only keeps gross vehicle weight ratings in check, but it also helps with portability while handling. Your back will appreciate it during construction, and when used in anything that transports, the reduced weight has significant fuel cost savings over time.


6 mm ~ 1/4 in
5 PLY / sheet

12 mm ~ 1/2 in
9 PLY / sheet

18 mm ~ 3/4 in
13 PLY / sheet


Full size Sheets
4 ft x 8 ft (48" x 96")

Custom Sizes Available
Upon Request

CNC Available
Upon Request

20 lbs

12mm Weight
31 lbs

18mm Weight
51 lbs


Breathe Free Exterior Grade Adhesive

Formaldehyde testing
TSCA Title VI Certified

Front & Back Veneer
AA grade

220 Grit Super-Sanded Both Sides

Calibrated to +/- 0.3mm

BIFMA Testing

X5.5-08-04.3 (Stability Test)

X5.5-08-05.2 (Strength Test)

X5.5-08-06.0 (Top Load Test)

X5.5-08-05.4 (Strength Test)

X5.5-08-05.3 (Strength Test)

X5.5-08-08.0 (Leg Strength Test)

X5.5-08-05.5 (Strength Test)


New Zealand Pine blends

Renewable Farm Grown

Even if you don’t have a loading dock or a forklift the pallets can be directly broken down from the delivery truck and hand unloaded. Even though it is possible to hand unload from the truck with 1 person due to the light sheet weight, it’s much easier to have at least 4 people ready when the truck arrives. It’s also a good idea to order an extra pallet that is bundled on top of the stack to place on the ground before hand unloading.

  • Can it be laminated?
    Yes, Ultralight Plywood is precision engineered to be ultrastable - it will always lay flat, making it the perfect choice for lamination.
  • How many sheets are in a bunk?
    There 50 sheets in a bunk (unit) of 18mm (~3/4in) and 75 sheets in a bunk (unit) of 12mm (~1/2in).
  • How heavy is a bunk?
    The 18mm bunk weighs about 2700 lbs (including packaging and pallet) and the 12mm bunk weighs about 2,400 lbs (including packaging and pallet).
  • How tall is a bunk?
    Both the 18mm and 12mm bunk height is 42 inches tall including pallet.
  • Why is there a minimum order?
    The minimum order is due to the cost of packaging, palletizing, loading and freight. 10 sheets and 20 sheets cost about the same in freight charges.
  • Can you deliver to residential?
    Yes, our freight team can deliver to residential. There may be a small fee to include lift-gate service.
  • Is there a minimum for local pick up?
    Nope. Swing by and get what you need. For faster service, after you order just give us a call to let us know when you will pick up your order.
  • Do you have distributors on East and West coast?
    We are currently adding distributors, so give us a call to see if we have on near you. We currently LTL freight ship anywhere in the lower 48 states.
  • What is the actual thickness of the 3/4 and 1/2 inch Ultralight Plywood?
    The actual thickness is 3/4" is 18mm, 1/2" is 12mm, and 1/4" is 6mm.
  • Can I order small quantities of UltraLight Plywood?
    Call Reparadise for less-than bundle. Local pickup only. (801) 972-5211
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