SAGA Sprinter 170/144 VS30 Insulation Kit

SAGA Sprinter 170/144 VS30 Insulation Kit


We’ve stocked a roll of 3M SM600L Thinsulate Acoustic/Thermal Insulation at Reparadise as the go-to product when insulating a camper van since our first foray into camper van building nearly a decade ago. From rock wool to natural wool, to spray foam, to bubble foil, we’ve used it all — in every style of camper imaginable. We don’t keep much stock of those styles of insulation on hand… but, the Thinsulate is always on the ready. It’s easy to install and transforms a boomy cargo van into something worthy of a luxury car manufacturer’s namesake.

A unique combination of fine microfibers absorbs high-frequency noise while thicker fibers provide recovery and loft. The hypoallergenic polypropylene fibers are extremely fine, producing a high-energy absorption characteristic with low weight. The polyester fibers are added to strengthen the web, while the scrim protects and contains the fibers. Once installed, your Sprinter Van’s road and atmospheric noise are drastically reduced. You’ll experience less fatigue on long road trips and will sleep better through the night.

Acoustics is one advantage of 3M Thinsulate, its thermal and anti-microbial properties are another. The insulation keeps the interior cool in the summer heat and warm during those winter ski trips. Without proper insulation, your tinny van heats up instantly in direct sunlight and, during the winter, loses coach heat as soon as the heater shuts off. Finally, 3m Thinsulate resists the build-up of condensation and helps avoid mold and mildew.

Sure, there are other options to insulate your Sprinter Van. As we stated at the beginning, we’ve used them all, and 3M Thinsulate is our go-to.

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Engine-nerded for vehicles

3M’s team of scientists

Originally designed for winter outerwear, 3M Thinsulate SM600L has become synonymous with synthetic insulation.

Like many (maybe all) synthetic insulation, Thinsulate continues to insulate even when it’s wet.

It also costs much less than other types of insulation.

For most of our projects, we use Thinsulate in conjunction with Reflectix to lock in comfortable temperatures, no matter what the weather’s doing.

The compact design of the materials, low cost, and effective insulating properties make this an ideal combination for camp trailers and vans.

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  • Expand to 1-3/4 or 44mm
  • FMVSS 302 certified (federal motor vehicle safety standard)
  • Non-woven sound absorbing fibers create a quieter vehicle environment

Hydrophobic fibers HATE H2O. Water’s great for swiming, boating, showering, ect… at the same time, it’s not so great. Ever heard of water damage? Small hairline cracks or a larger, spiderwebbed pattern of cracks. Water rings, usually a light brown color. Mold growth, especially in corners where walls and ceilings meet, and often in humid rooms or locations such as basements.



Noise Cancelling

The Thinsulate provides an added bonus, too — noise cancellation. It effectively blocks mid-to-high frequency noises from outside. Those are just the kind that will keep you up at night. Thinsulate blocks annoying noises so effectively, in fact, that Porsche and Jaguar use it in their convertible tops.

Breathable and Lightweight

Breathable and Lightweight

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