SAGA Terrapin Wedge Sprinter Van Seat Organizer


SAGA Terrapin Wedge Sprinter Van Seat Organizer


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Step up your Sprinter Van’s storage game with the Terrapin Wedge™ Seat Organizer. This ingenious caddy mounts to the base of your seatcreating usable space for holding just about anything you might need within arm’s reach!

Designed to store all your travel essentials within safe reach from the captain’s seat, passenger seat, common area, and from the exterior — the SAGA Terrapin Wedge™ Seat Organizer makes life on the road with a Sprinter Van trouble-free.


Our team of designers targeted the empty space around the base of the front seats and created a durable and attractive utility caddy to store items most often used. Constructed of high-quality Riga Heksa Ply, the form-fitted deep pockets perfectly follow the Sprinter Van’s floor contour. This precision fitment between Wedge and van floor eliminates the need for an attached pocket bottom — putting an end to dreaded pocket-crud-build-up! Paired with our “easy-on, easy-off” Magnetic Retention Design, cleaning becomes a breeze. Simply lift out the Wedge, do a quick sweep of the floor area, and snap the Wedge back into place. Done and done.


When both the driver’s side and passenger’s side Wedges are used there is almost 1500 cubic inches of combined storage. Plenty of room for many of those items you might need quickly. From the cab area, you can now securely store those things that like to end up rolling under your feet. Within arm’s reach is your phone, water bottle, weapon, or even your favorite snack. No need to pull off the road and climb in the back. With the passenger side Wedge, the back pocket becomes the most accessible compartment to get to from the exterior. From the side door entrance, without stepping foot into the van, you can grab those items of urgency – from toilet paper to a flashlight, first aid kit to your gun, it’s the closest and quickest storage to get to without entering the van.

The Terrapin Wedge™ is made to fit with the Mercedes-Benz VS30 2019+ version of Sprinters and works with factory static and swivel seats. It encompasses the area directly behind the seat base and a small area between the seats. It does not interfere with any traditional floor mats and comes in versions to fit both Sprinter models equipped with an Electronic park brake and the standard Hand park brake.

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Everything within arm's reach!

On the road – Safely get it from your seat

From snacks to maps, now you can reach it all without pulling over or causing a wreck on the highway. Enjoy the freedom of having access to all those driving essentials without the need to stop and climb in the back just to find a water bottle that has rolled out of reach. Or even worse, rolled under your brake pedal.! Now you can easily get to things without taking your eyes off the road with the Terrapin Wedge seat base side pocket.

At the campsite – Get it without getting in!

In addition to all the storage accessible from the cab, the Terrapin Wedge is a perfect go-to storage spot for your frequently needed items at the campsite. By using the rear pocket of the passenger side Wedge, you can easily store those first needed things like toiletries, dog leash, first aid kit, flask, or rain gear. Making it the most accessible spot from the side door without getting back in the van.


Crudless Clean Technology

Low Tech Cleanliness 

Okay, the name Crudless Clean Technology (or CCT) hasn’t made it through our legal department yet, but basically, it’s a cool enough feature that we want to call it out. Since the Wedge has a precise floor contour CNC cut at its base we were able to remove the pocket bottom allowing all the dust and crumbs that fall to be held while the Wedge is in place, but easily cleaned out by a quick sweep, blow, or vacuum once the Wedge is removed.

Snap on, Snap off

Besides making installation quick, our Magnetic Retainment Design (or MRD), allows the Wedge to be lifted out for cleaning and then snapped back into place within seconds. These magnets are strong enough to keep the Wedge securely in place, while still allowing access for cleaning. Gone are the days of picking out the crud from the pocket corners. The Wedge might just be one of the simplest interior parts of your van to keep clean!

Durable and Versatile

Built to last

Besides looking sophisticated enough to be mistaken for a factory-installed feature, we decided to use a material that everyone knows for its scuff-hiding and super-strength attributes. Riga Heksa Ply met our rigid qualifications for durability and longevity. The consistency of this material also allowed us to engineer creatively with the tight requirements needed to have an interlocking design CNC cut out with a Tab & Slot joinery, reinforced with screws to ensure long life while maintaining a clean and sleek look to complement your van interior.

Built for whatever

We already mentioned how easy and accessible items in the Wedge were to get to, but it’s important to note the types of products that can be held. The long rectangular shape of the pockets is sized to fit just about everything. Here’s a small list of items we’ve found to fit snuggly in them: Magazines, guns, super soakers, collapsible hiking poles, snow shoes, camera gear, tripod, tire repair kit, cycling tools, vacuum, first aid kit, emergency blanket, jumper pack, propane, fire-starting kit, fire extinguisher, hatchet, machete, flashlight, headlamp, power tools, umbrella, water bottle, lunchbox, hammock, soda, snacks, booze, beef jerky, weed, bong, pipe, iPad, phone, chargers, laptop, walkie talkies, board games, color books, sunglasses, gloves, hats, beanies, visors, purse, wallet, sandals, flip flops, windbreaker, poncho, cleats, maps, sunscreen, bug spray, hand sanitizer, shower stuff, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, wipes, paper towels, toys, frisbee, pet toys, treats, leash, collapsible water dish.

Did we miss anything? Try a set out for your van and let us know!

Dimensions and Capacity

Driver Overall Dimensions
24" x 20.25" x 10.5"

Driver Storage Capacity

Driver Rear Pocket Dimension
5" x 20" x 7"

Passenger Overall Dimensions
24" x 23.5" x 10.5"

Passenger Storage Capacity

Passenger Rear Pocket Dimension
4.5" x 22.5" x 7"

Passenger Side Pocket Dimension
2.5" x 18" x 6.5"


Riga-Heksa 0.5" (12mm) Plywood

Precision Milling
CNC cuts with Interlocking Pieces

#8 1.25" Screws

Assembly and Installation

Easy-Fit Self Assembly
Pre-drilled Holes with Interlocking Tab & Slot Design

Assembly Time
7 Minutes

Tool Required
#2 Phillips Screwdriver

Seat Base Installation
No-Drill, Magnetic Mounting


Remove Wedge, wipe with damp cloth, vacuum area around seat base and snap back the Wedge into place

Download assembly instructions here: TERRAPIN WEDGE Assembly Instructions

  • How is it attached to the seat base?
    Strategically placed magnets are attached that snap into place against metal the seat base
  • Is it easy to clean?
    The easiest ever. The Terrapin Wedge is shaped to perfectly follow the contour of your van floor - allowing us to have a bottomless design. Cleaning is as simple as lifting the Terrapin Wedge up to vacuum the floor.
  • Can the uncoated edge be stained?
    Yes. Test your stain color on the underside of the Terrapin Wedge first to make sure you like the color. You can also use a clear finish to bring out the natural wood color.

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