Tern Overland Arctic Tern Windows

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Dual pane plastic fantastic windows with built in rolling blind and screen for Overland style camper builds.



You probably don’t think much about your camp trailer’s windows. You should, though. The windows are the weakest part of your camper’s shell. They let heat in during the summer and cold in during the winter. They allow prying eyes and bugs into your camper and despite all of this, they weigh more than a comparably sized area of the shell. You need them, though.

Without windows, your camper would feel like the inside of a moving van — not very comfortable.

Arctic Tern Windows from Tern Overland make all of these problems disappear. The pocket of air between the double-pane acrylic windows acts as insulation. Unlike sliding windows, Arctic Tern windows open to their full width when you want to ventilate. They prop open at 10 and 35 degrees for the 300mm size and 20,40, and 60 degrees for all other sizes. They also a feature a semi-lock position for ventilation in stormy weather.

An interior cover panel is used to secure a fine mesh insect screen and a blackout blind so you can do whatever it is you do without witnesses. The blind adds an additional air space for added insulation.

Even with all these features, Arctic Tern windows weigh an average of 40% LESS than a comparably sized glass window!

  • Heavy duty powder-coated aluminum frame
  • UV-resistant, double pane, gray acrylic glazing
  • Telescopic strut supports hold window securely when open
  • Push-button locking handles
  • High quality rubber seals
  • 10 window sizes to choose from
  • 4 choices of inner frame rings to accommodate 1″ – 3″ wall thicknesses
  • Full 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

300x700mm Artic Tern Window is 11-13/16″ x 27-1/2″

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450×1100, 300×700, 450×500