Custom Tin Bar 16 foot

Not every culinary venture is the same… one might need deep fryers and massive grease traps, while another calls for a wood burning stove. In the case of this custom trailer from Camper Reparadise, the client requested open countertops, for blenders and cutting boards, and large service windows.

As you can see, a solid-surface counter top stretches from the rear window, past the main service window to the art glass at the front of this trailer. This draws the masses in by putting the fare first, where they can watch the product created. The counter top is very durable, and easy-to-clean – just like the full aluminum interior walls.

Hidden behind the back-lit sign board is an instant water heater, leaving more room under the counter for storage of large items and commercial-grade kitchen products – like the freezer fridge at the front of the trailer. Completing the clean and cohesive work space is a triple basin sink. Just as important as an organized and well represented interior is the ability to reliably transport the unit to locations.

For that reason, you’ll find a Timbren Axle-Less suspension system rated to 5000lbs propping up this trailer. It provides excellent ground clearance, better tracking, and less sway on the road. Tying everything together is a box section frame to support heavy industrial kitchen appliances and prevent twist and separating of the camper structure. A powder-coating prevents corrosion for a long service life, while a single sheet of under-carriage aluminum prevents invasive pests and rot to the sub-floor (most camper manufacturers use a tarp here).

Underfoot, a Marmoleum floor keeps things easy-to-clean and it’s plenty durable for a commercial environment. Speaking of the environment, to keep this trailer cool in the summer heat, an A/C unit blows cool air on the employees, and a fantastic can push or pull air as needed. Finally, our closed-cell spray foam offers the best r-value of any insulation, while preventing the intrusion of water, the number one source of trailer rot.
On the outside of the this Tin Bar, the front etched art glass features color-changing led lightning to help the trailer standout. While the impeccable mill-finish aluminum exterior skin and LED running lights help complete the high-end feel of this custom 16 foot Tin Bar.

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