Virtual Tours
January 26, 2019

For every major restoration in our portfolio, we always share build images to show how extensive the work is… we like to think it gives the DYI’er and future clients some insight into the restoration process. To showcase the end product, in the best light, we enlist Joe Roberts at Abaci Photo to capture the result of our hard work. On top of that, we’re also fitting some video content in there, too.

But, really the best way to experience a fully restored vintage camper we’ve put our hands on is to see it in person… which might be hard to do as these are owned by private parties, and they’re probably not going to put the unit on display for the general public to walk through. To address this, we’re giving 3d cameras and virtual tours a go. Science!

For starters, here’s a 1971 Airstream Sovereign featuring black walnut cabinetry, mill-finish walls, and all kinds of opulent fixtures. It’s hard to believe this Airstream was pretty much a write off when it arrived at Reparadise; suffering from extensive body damage and a completely rotted chassis. You can read about everything that went into this flashy unit here.

This little camper, we call the Tin Bar, is designed and built-in house from the ground up. Featuring African Mahogany cabinetry, ambient lighting, and plenty of storage. These are rented by our sister company Retro Rentals for all kinds of uses from weddings to corporate events.

You can read more about this modern twist on the classic canned-ham trailer here.

Finishing off the 3d tour, is this 1977 Airstream Ambassador… featuring campaign bronze fixtures, dual powered awnings, and much, much more. You can read about this ostentatiously luxurious vintage Airstream here.

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