4×4 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Camper

From mid-century Modern Airstream Restorations to Luxury 4×4 Sprinter Builds, for over a decade we’ve worked on campers of all walks of life, and this Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4×4 VS30 170 high roof camper van represents the culmination of the lessons learned and skill sets honed from that exposure. This is not another mid-west factory-built RV. This van is built by engineers, technicians, craftsmen, and… dare we say it? …even those who identify as Artists.  We went to great lengths to ensure this coach is quite on the road and comfy at camp by using premium materials and construction techniques passed over by factories driven by efficiency and cost cutting. You can read about the full build in our Portfolio Section.


Open Space, Quality materials

We source our fabrics from the Marine industry, and our seamstress packs years of high-end upholstery experience — you won’t find burlap sac wall coatings or hard plastic here. Our cabinetry is designed to be lightweight and durable. No cheap pressed board cabinetry here. We make our own switches, there’s no plastic rockers that belong on an ATV here. Our interior build quality and attention to detail is light-years above the RV industries standard, and more inline with the high-end yacht industry.

RV manufacturers try to jam as much stuff (cheap stuff, btw) as possible into their Sprinter van builds for the general public. We’re not the general public, and you’re probably not, too. What you get here is a unique floor plan that’s focused on quality over quantity. You’ll travel in style in this 4×4 Sprinter Camper Van.


  • Marine fabrics, durable, easy-to-clean, nice feel
  • Upholstery by skilled seamstress
  • Lightweight double laminated balsa-core cabinetry from SAGA
  • Small Cassette Toilet
  • Shower system with curtain
  • Milled-in-house Maple Counter top and highlights
  • Multi-zone Flexfire LED lighting, with dimmer
  • Custom Switches
  • Extensive sound deadening and insulation
  • Open space interior design
Off-Highway, Overland Upgrades

We up-fit Sprinter vans from all manufacturers for better off-highway performance. This includes suspension upgrades, wheel and tire packages, and exterior accessories like roof racks, bumpers, nerf bars, and storage solutions. This 4×4 Sprinter van features all these items, short of the suspension upgrade. Its suspension is brand new, and our interior is focused on being lightweight. This means you can run the factory suspension into the ground, then upgrade once it’s worn out. Or, if you’re already for more suspension travel, we can easily add a RIP kit or Van Compass kit to this Sprinter camper van.


Standout, without overdoing it

What you won’t find the side of our vans is vents, access doors, shore power hook-ups, and warning stickers… what you get here is the sleek Sprinter van exterior uninterrupted. We complemented the work Mercedes engineered into the Sprinter Van with a high-quality vinyl wrap that’s not another topographic vanlifer exterior. What you get here is our take on the urban camo look with a hint of mountains sprinkled in there.


Top Brands, for a Top-of-the Line Van

We’ve used just about every style of RV appliance under the sun. And, just like 90% of the stuff in the RV industry, there’s a lot of junk out there. What we put into our van build is what we’d use in our own campers. In fact, once we find something we like, we sell it because it’s something we stand behind.


24v Powerhouse

We’ve worked with all kinds of electrical systems for off-grid camping. From 10k watt solar arrays to auxiliary alternator based systems, and what we’ve put into this build is the perfect balance of both. Two 24v 100Ahr Victron Batteries pack enough power to run the roof top AC unit for four hours, and quickly recharge via an auxiliary alternator or rack mounted solar panels. This system is 24v based for less voltage drop, and thinner wiring, and faster charging.

  • 2 24v 100Ahr Victron Batteries 
  • 2 100 Watt Zamp Obsidian Solar Panels
  • Nations Auxiliary Alternator


If you’re still interested in learning more about this van, jump over to the Portfolio Page. If you’re ready to scoop this escape pod up before someone else drop us a line 1-801-972-5211, or email inquiry.

Make: Merccedes-Benz
Model: Sprinter
Year: 2022
External Dimensions: 170
Title: In Hand
Ask: ***SOLD***
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