Avatar Offroad Large Storage Box

Avatar Offroad Large Storage Box


Large storage box for the rear of vans.

Thought a full size van would solve all your storage issues from your last camping setup, didn’t you? Well, it’s understandable you’re looking for more secure storage space. It’s surprising how quickly you can fill every nook and cranny. A rear mounted storage box is a great way to bolt on more room for anything you’d prefer to not have cluttering the interior of your van. There’s many options out there, and we’ve grown to appreciate Avatar Off Roads attention to detail. Made right here on Salt Lake City, the Large Aluminum Storage Box adds a respectable amount of space.

The Aluminum construction keeps weight down and resists corrosion associated with a lifetime of outdoor use.  The clever shelving is easy to remove completely or adjust for the perfect use of space. There’s no drilling or modifying of the exterior of the box to reposition the shelves, unlike many other rear cargo boxes for vans. Finally, a high quality locking latch and thick rubber gasket ensures your gear is secure and dry.

We mount the Avatar Offroad Large storage box to the Owl Van Sherpa, B2 Bike Carrier, or Ladder Tire Carrier. Installation is $300 at our Salt Lake City, Utah location.

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The shelves in this box are easy to adjust thanks to the cleaver deployment of L track. There’s no drilling and fumbling around with random hardware to reposition a shelf, like other Van Storage boxes. Simply un-bolt the bracket and move the shelf up, down, or remove it completely.

Large and in charge

It’s voluminous, at just over 5 cu. ft. of space, this large storage box is bigger then most.

Quality Hardware

Check out those beefy hinges. No silly piano hinges here. Additionally the latch is rated for real use, and is lockable.





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