Owl Vans Ladder + Tire Carrier for New Sprinter VS30 (2019+)


The Owl Ladder + Spare Tire Carrier performs two important functions to save space. The aluminum system is lightweight and corrosion-resistant.

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Because your RV needs to perform double-duty (house + truck) and still remain small enough to safely drive through cities, saving space is crucial. The guys at OWL Vans have built a solid business saving space.

The most efficient way to save space is to combine components so they perform multiple functions. The Owl Vans Ladder + Spare Tire Carrier is a perfect example of a multi-use component. In addition to saving space, it keeps the ladder on the rear of the camper. This placement has two advantages. It reduces drag to limit the ladder’s effect on gas mileage. Also, it won’t snag branches and foliage like a side-mounted ladder will.

Owl Vans engineers developed an ingenious system to use the van’s existing hinges to mount the Ladder + Spare Tire Carrier. The door opens normally, so there’s no hinged arm to swing out or drop down first. The ladder incorporates a peg system that makes it easy to climb around the spare tire. Finally, Owl makes the Ladder + Spare Tire Carrier from aluminum, so the whole assembly weighs just 25 pounds. Aluminum is also corrosion-resistant, so it will last longer than your van.

  • Works with hinges on 2020 REVEL
  • Fits Sprinter VS30 (2019+)
  • Does not interfere with Parking Assist sensors on most vans
  • Comes ready for a tire or a box
  • All TIG-welded Aluminum
  • Requires 180-degree hinges
  • Lightweight (25lbs)
  • Additional foot pegs on side tube
  • Spin-on tire holder with locking option
  • Adjust for different wheel/tire sizes (33″ Max)
  • Powder-coated Black
  • Opens with the door
  • Compatible with vans with rear windshield wipers
  • No need to relocate license plate
  • No need to remove or swap out Mercedes badge

Additional information

Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 37 × 4 × 76 in