The Finger Pull Drawer Latch


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For drawers or cabinet doors.

Choose from Stainless steel or powder-coated matte black.

It comes with a drawer catch.


The Terrifying Back Story

Ah, the joy of finally arriving in camp! After hours on the road and a rough, rutted, 5-mile doubletrack into camp, you’re ready to climb into bed and get some rest. But that’s when the nightmare begins — you open the camper door to find your kitchen sprayed everywhere. Somewhere along that last stretch of beat-up doubletrack, your drawers and cabinets opened up and evacuated their bowels all over the floor. Looks like you have cleanup duty before bedtime. Better yet, have some Finger Pull Drawer Latches installed.

Then & Now

Traditional cabinets and drawers have been around for thousands of years. They worked for Neanderthal. They were OK in the dark ages. They’re adequate today, unless of course, your house has wheels. Overland vehicles, camp trailer, camper vans, and RVs need drawer and cabinet latches to avoid the situation described above. They need to be easy to use, inexpensive, and aesthetically pleasing. 

The Finger Pull Drawer Latch

Unlike most of modern society’s problems, this one has a simple solution. The Finger Pull Drawer Latch is 42mm wide. It comes in either stainless steel or powdercoated black. The white plastic latch is invisible when the door is closed. The simple, clean design looks good in modern RVs, rugged overland vehicles, or retro camp trailers. You can choose either drawer or cabinet latches. They’re super easy to use — just pull — but they won’t ever pop open accidentally. Bring on the bumps, ruts, and crazy-angle off-camber. Finger Pull Drawer Latches stay securely closed and your stuff stays put. Ask for them by name, or just say “pull my finger.”

  • 42mm (1.69in) wide
  • Stainless steel or powdercoated matte black
  • For cabinets or drawers (specify in order)
  • Opens with a simple pull
  • Closes effortlessly
  • Design looks good with modern or Art Deco interiors


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