Van Compass Stage 4.3 Suspension System – Sprinter 4×4

Compass stage 4.3 suspension package

Only 2 left in stock (can be backordered)

Van Compass Stage 4.3 Suspension System – Sprinter 4×4


Only 2 left in stock (can be backordered)

The go-to upgrade for Revel and Sprinter Van Builds on the 2500 platform, the Van Compass 4.3 Suspension Kit addresses three major issues with the stock suspension on a built-out VS30 or NVC3 (technical term for 2015-2023) Sprinter van; Wallowing, harsh bottom-out, and droopy drawers…

Stance-y Pants

Visually, you might not notice it, or you take care to avoid noticing it — a saggy rear end on your adventure van. But, the difference is stark when you park a Stage 4.3 equipped van next to a stocker. A Sprinter with the 4.3 kit stands proud ready to go, a stock Sprinter sits lowly and frumpy. Whether it’s an adventure van from an independent builder or one of the many Class B 4×4 vans offered by RV manufacturers, if the Sprinter van suspension is unmodified it’s sitting lower than ideal, and it only gets worse as the miles and gear carried stack up.

This kit, however, is much more then a superficial improvement, we’re not that shallow… are we?

Driving Dynamics

Getting the van to sit correctly is a byproduct of the main goal of this kit — stopping poor on-road manners, and enhancing the off-road aptitude of the 4×4 Sprinter chassis is its main goal. It’s not uncommon knowledge that the Sprinter is narrow and tall compared to three-quarter ton trucks that populate our roads. It is, after all, a global product for crowded European roads. Unfortunately that design constraint, while great for navigating a natural grocery co-op’s crowded parking lot, it causes the Sprinter to act as a giant wandering sail on the highway.

To reduce the fatiguing sway and wander, Van Compass teamed up with Falcon Shocks and developed an adjustable piggyback shock specifically for the 4×4 Sprinter Van — with ease-of-adjustment a paramount feature. The noticeable change to handling lets you quickly forget the cargo-van roots and might even stir up memories of that old German sport coupe sadly sold when Jr. joined the family. However, if you tune a suspension for on-road performance, it inversely affects the off-road capability. This isn’t a pavement princess, right?

This is the beauty of the Van Compass 4.3 Suspension Kit. There are three settings to select from, and in less than 60 seconds you can change your van’s handling characteristic from highway hauler to SUV, off-road comfort by simply turning a large easy-to-reach dial mounted on the shocks piggyback reservoir. With this adaptability, your van will have better driving characteristics for specific conditions. No more compromises.

Finally, Van Compass addressed another glaring issue with the stock suspension — bottom out. The stock bump stops are cute. They’re basic rubber nubs, good for plumbers that occupy the left-hand lane lumbering to job sites in a overloaded van. Not good for a 4×4 adventure van destine for cross-country travel and off-road challenges. The Van Compass 4.3 Suspension kit adds SumoSprings that keep things composed when pushing the limits of your Adventure Van’s suspension. What was an abrupt, harsh event is now controlled and composed.

Aftermarket Sprinter Bump Stop vs. Stock

SumoSpring vs Stock Sprinter Bump Stop

All these improvements result in a van that’s more enjoyable to drive in any road condition you’re bound to encounter. There’s a reason why we’ve installed over a hundred Van Compass Suspension kits here in Salt Lake City, Utah — the benefits are immediately noticeable, and enhance the long-term experience of Adventure van owners. See what an actual user has to say.

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Tune a suspension to combat sway with higher compression in the shock, like Falcon and Van Compass did here, and it’s going to hinder off-road prowess with an uncomfortable and harsh ride when the going gets rough. That is why they specify a piggyback shock with adjustable compression. Think of the compression adjustment commonly found on a mountain bike. Flick a switch to Firm for climbing and road travel, Soft for the ride down.
The 3.3 Fast Adjust Piggyback Reservoir Shocks allow you to select Firm (setting 3) for over the highway travel. Once you’ve ditched civilization, select Soft (setting 1) for dirt roads and double track and let the shocks move freely through their travel. Washborads, babyheads, and potholes are absorbed with the aptitude of an SUV.
A third setting, Mid (setting 2) allows even further fine tuning with an additional adjustment knob that allows 9 compression positions. pick the one that’s ideal for around town travel, and city driving, where high-compression is going to be too harsh, and low-compression is going to wallow around traversing drains and crowns. you can even tune the front and rear shocks in this position independently if the rear’s heavier then the front.
All three of these settings are incredibly easy to adjust, as the knob is located just behind the wheels at hip/knee level. Simply reach in there and twist. It becomes second nature after a couple goes, taking a maximum of 60 seconds from your life. That’s worth it to us, and if your time is more valuable, an electronic, cab-adjustable version is available. Baller.

Further Adjustment: SP2 Mode

When installing the shock, the tech can select one of two engineered base-tune profiles to change the overall feel of the shock. The Open mode is ideal for colder climates (oil flow is less restricted), or ideal for someone that prefers comfort over performance. i.e. a base VW Golf vs. a Golf GTi. The Closed position provides a sportier tune, ideal for a highway cruiser, or a heavier van build.
Adjustable rebound setting on Falcon Shocks with SP2 Feature
Further information on these settings:
Added rear Leaf Spring Capacity

Instead of covering the large spread from loaded to unloaded like Mercedes-Benz did with the stock Sprinter van, Van Compass’s Mini Leaf Spring Pack place the vans spring rate where it should be for a built-out van. After all, your van will probably never be without it’s interior in your life time — why use springs intended for a cargo van that gets loaded and un-loaded? With the Mini Pack, you’ll gain back lost suspension travel and ride height.

The Mini Leaf Spring pack dials the springs capacity to the 8500lb range — right where a laden Revel or Camper conversion will fall. The pack can be adjusted to favor a heavier or lighter build; sub-8500 or 8500lbs+. The Springs are not designed to provide a lift, but it does restore ride height to the original range.

——Mini Pack Image——-

Front SumoSprings

The front Transverse leaf spring on Sprinter Vans is great for efficient packaging, but makes upgrading for weight increases a bit difficult. Rather than additional coils like some suspension kits add, The Van Compass 4.3 Kit relies on SumoSprings that replace the stock, pinner bump stops. SumoSprings are not made from rubber. They are micro-cellular ureathan design that’s larger then stock, and engages sooner providing more progessive assistance to full compression scenarios. Take a look at SumoSprings in action:

This is a progressive spring with a very soft initial engagement. That means that as more is weight added or more compression force is experienced (think frost heaves or bottoming out in a drainage ditch), the harder they get and more they push back — providing support and control when you need it. The SumoSprings reduce sag, decrease vibration, stabilize sway, and soften harsh rebounds. This is achieved by the tuned nature of the micro-cellular structure. Like the Mini leaf Spring pack, the SumoSprings help restore ride height, but unlike the rear mini pack, they help control the motion of the suspension.

See a Sumo Birth:


Shock Type

Falcon 3.3 SP2, Adjustable

Vehicle Type

Sprinter 4x4, 2500 Only


Installation takes all day, we charge $1,472.50 for the install without tax. The front shock installation guide is 18 pages long; the rear shocks, 6 pages; and the min pack is 10 pages.

We keep this kit in stock in Salt Lake City, Utah. Installation takes a full day. Contact us now to transform you Sprinter Van’s character.

We do recommend adding the Baja Bracket if you expect to encounter lots of washboard situations.

Front Shock Installation Instructions

Rear Shock Installation Instructions

Rear Mini Pack Installation Instructions 

Shock Adjustment Video

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