SAGA Cabinetry Kit Assembly🔧🪛 🔨 Videos
January 4, 2022


Easy to assemble using dowel and cam construction makes it possible for just about any level of diy enthusiast to assemble the pieces inside the camper with no jigs and no waiting for glue to dry.

SAGA Lower rear cabinet

Designed Specifically for MB 170” Sprinter Vans, the cabinet fits over wheel wells and in front of (saga) rear cowling.

Here’s how easy it is to assemble our Driver-side Lower Rear Cabinet.

SAGA overhead cabinets

When used in the SAGA full build kits ,this cabinet is positioned towards the front of the van, just behind the drivers seat and at the rear of the drivers front cabinet.  

Here’s the assembly processes for the SAGA overhead cabinets, available in three sizes for a variety of applications in the Sprinter van platform.

SAGA Galley Sink Box (Cabinet 1)

This galley box allows you to add a sink and a large storage space to your camper van. Follow along on the how to build the SAGA Sink box. video. It’s too easy, but you can press pause when needed.

SAGA Galley Drawer Box (Cabinet 2)

The drawer box features 4 drawers, that feature RV slides to ensure that the drawers don’t come open on the road. Here’s the assembly processes for the SAGA Galley Drawer Box (Cabinet 2) , and a link to our product page.

We see lots of campers come and go β€” just about every brand and model. Unfortunately, flimsy materials like laminated particle board with pine framing and staples dominate construction techniques. This is quick and easy (why it’s used) and will usually hold together (kind of) for a few months β€” at least until the warranty runs out.

Our SAGA kits are made with lightweight, durable materials using construction techniques that will keep them sold and tight for years.

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