2023 Revel Sprinter Upgrades

Jan 27, 2023

We’ve up-fitted and upgraded the Winnebago Revel since it’s debut adding Roamrig electrical systems, Owl Van Components, and Agile Off Road enhancements. The Winnebago Revel is a great platform to improve on. This one received a Van Compass Suspension Upgrade and an S & B Filters 40 Gallon fuel Tank.

Check out this Video about some choice improvements to the 2023 Version of one of our favorite Adventure Van platforms:

Now, with the Van Compass 4.3 Suspension Kit, the van rides better and handles better. Think of the reduced fatigue and joy gained when driving long distances. This kit runs right around $5k installed — that’s a rough estimate, you can contact us for an exact quote based on your make, model, and year.

With the suspension covered, the addition of S&B Sprinter Fuel Tank builds on the over-the-road, and off-road capabilities of the Winnebago Revel and Sprinter 4×4 Platform. With a S&B Fuel Tank Upgrade you can travel nearly double the distance of a stock Sprinter. In this application, capacity increases from 24 gallons to 40 gallons. The tank has a lifetime warranty, and the fuel gauge is unaffected.

That’s big savings when you’re traveling long distances, let’s say from Baja to Alaska. Realistically the tank could pay for itself in 30k miles of driving. Especially when you can fuel up at stations you’re setup with saving at. See the customers testimonial below.

Update from customer:

No man-bun Storyteller guy here.

Just got back from a 10 day trip to AZ, CA, and NV.

The suspension made the trip possible, we were fighting 55+ mph gusts of wind (head on and cross winds. Sure it pushed the van around, but it was very controllable, unlike it was prior to the upgrade.

The 40 gallon fuel tank gave us the freedom to not worry too much about where the next station was at.

We signed up for the TDS Logistics fuel card, we have to fuel up at participating truck stops and use the trucker lanes. But it provides a nice discount, and we can get our DEF there too.

Thanks again!


We love getting feedback from the end user with actual, real-world use. Lloyd plans on making the trip to Alaska this spring and we’re sure his Winnebago Revel will be ready for the road degradation and frost heaves the extreme northern environment causes every freeze-thaw cycle.

If you’re ready to improve your Winnebago’s mountain, desert, and trans-America aptitude, Contact Salt Lake City, Utah based Reparadise to schedule an appointment.

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