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Dec 4, 2020

We went deep 🌊🌊🌊 into Owl Van’s products for your Mercedes Sprinter Camper Van. We did this for a few reasons. Owl makes its products in the USA and everything they make is intelligently engineered. Owl offers legit solutions to enhance your vanlyfe. Seriously… we’ve installed just about every style of ladder, rack, nerf bar, and bumper from all the big names. We’re always impressed with Owl Vans ingenuity and build quality.

Sprinter Camper Van Accessories

Currently in stock, we have Spare-wheel Carriers, Combo Spare Wheel and Ladders, Passenger-side Sherpas, and B2 Bike and Box Carrier

Sprinter van oversized tires

Sprinter Van 170 with 265/70R16 off-road tires

Big Tires for Big Traction

Some claim you can shove an oversized tire in the factory under-mount location on Sprinter Camper Vans. We wouldn’t know — we’ve never wasted our time trying. Why would you want to reduce ground clearance on an off-road vehicle? And why would you store your spare where the sidewall can be dragged over rocks? You deserve an up-sized wheel and tire package like our meaty Black Rhino Wheel and 265/70R17 Tire Package. And a wheel and tire package that sick deserves a smart solution. The Owl Van Spare Tire Carrier for Sprinter camper vans is the best way to store your spare.

Like everything made by Owl Van, the Spare Tire Carrier is constructed from aluminum to be light and corrosion resistant. What’s most impressive about this tire carrier is how little material it uses. The minimalist design philosophy sprinkled throughout Owl Van’s line is in full effect here. When compared to other spare tire carriers for Sprinters, this becomes obvious.

Loki napping with a peice of scrap wood

A bracket affectionado’s dream come true. 🤩🤩🤩🤩 The Owl Van Sherpa Cargo Carrier lower bracket — minimalist, strong, and beautiful.

Stepping up

Wanna go bigger than the Spare Tire Carrier? Check out the Spare Tire Carrier and Ladder Combo. We chose this option for accessing gear up top. It keeps the Sprinter Van’s slippery aerodynamic co-efficient intact. You might not think hanging a ladder off the side of your van would affect fuel mileage much. Your Sprinter’s mileage drops into the low teens with oversized tires, a roof rack, and a heavy interior build-out. Every little bit helps here, and keeping that optimized aerodynamic profile intact will pay off at the pump.

Haul Gear Outside of your Sprinter Van with the Owl Vans Sherpa

Sure, the Mercedes Sprinter Van platform has a huge interior space, but that quickly disappears when a galley, dinette, and bed are added to the picture. And don’t forget the supporting pieces like holding tanks and electrical components. Owl Van’s exterior storage solutions for Sprinter Vans give you a place to store gear that’s easily accessible and doesn’t hinder your ability to reach gear in the rear of the van. Let’s face it… using a receiver hitch to carry accessories on a van blows. It’s always in the way. And, the only viable solution — a swing away — adds weight and complexity and reduces the departure angle.

[ngg src=”galleries” ids=”89″ display=”basic_thumbnail” thumbnail_crop=”0″]Lame, lame, and lamer. Owl Van’s B2 Bike and Cargo Carrier gets your bike out of the way using an existing swinging system… the door hinges. Brilliant! there’s no additional levers and latches to open the rear doors… simply grab the door latch and open.

Additionally, this bike rack system for Sprinter Camper Vans allows space for a cargo box that can hold anything from a 2000 watt generator to tools or anything else you’d prefer not riding in the coach with you. Speaking of external storage for your Sprinter Camper Van, the Owl Van’s Sherpa lets us hang all kinds of gear off the back of our Sprinter Camper Van Builds. Skis? Check. Jerry Cans? Check. Recover tools like shovels and track mats? Check. Cargo Boxes? Check.

When you’re ready to get your Mercedes Sprinter Camper Van dialed for adventure, we’re ready to ship 🚢 out, or install Owl Van products ASAP! Drop us a line for the best shipping quote 📦📦📦📦📦.

Owl Van Sprinter Sherpa Cargo Carrier

Owl Vans Sprinter Tire Carrier VS30 and NCV3

Owl Vans Ladder + Tire Carrier for Sprinter VS30 and NCV3

B2 Bike and Box Carrier for VS30 andNCV3 Sprinters

Medium Cargo Box 19in – Owl Vans

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