1950 Traveleer

Once a motionless safe space for rodents, this 1952 Traveleer is now a road worthy vintage camper fit for human habitation. Optioned with the Timbren Axle-Less suspension and a 200w solar system, the maneuverable 16-foot Traveleer will now happily tow into the backcountry for extended off-grid stays

During the mid-century travel trailer boom, there’s a marked decline in quality of craftsmanship as manufactures rushed to fill market demand while accountants worked to minimize material costs. As such, early fifties units, like this Traveleer feature more intricate and higher quality carpentry then typical Canned Hams from the late sixties or early seventies. Thankfully the Traveleer’s vintage cabinetry avoid any tragic restoration attempts throughout its life, providing us with a solid base to work with

Any water damaged or rotted pieces of the original bed, galley, and closet were reproduced with new wood. You can spot the replaced pieces by their slightly yellower finish (this will, however, change — as the Traveleer ages these pieces will turn more golden). We worked hard to retain the original build style using modern mediums available.

Underneath this restored vintage camper resides an original chassis, that’s now fully boxed (this stiffens the chassis to reduce flex – which helps ensure structural integrity and longevity of the body). It’s also now sitting on a Timbren Axle-Less system, rather than leaf springs or torsion axles. A trailing arm design, Timbren’s Axle-Less system provides a full foot of undercarriage clearance, without making the Traveleer ride ridiculously high. This lets the Traveleer’s owner easily and confidently venture down secondary roads that’ll turn around a standard camp trailer. Another upgrade from the fifties is an insulated sub floor that houses electrical conduit too. Routing the wires under the floor allows serviceability and keeps them from harms way, while adding a layer of insulation underfoot ensures it takes little to keep this tiny space climate controlled.

1952 Traveleer Highlights     6-volt GMA batteries, Marmoluim floor, rebuilt galley, closet, and bed, quilted front skin and back splash, rebuilt door, restored windows, LED lighting throughout, 12v TV, A/C unit, Axle-Less suspension, water heater

Likewise, the body is insulated with closed cell spray foam, for the best r value and protection from future water and rodent intrusion. To keep this vintage unit out in the backcountry a 200-watt solar system feeds two 6-volt Full River batteries.

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