1973 Bell

When this early ‘70s Bell Travel Trailer landed at Reparadise, we mentioned a little excitement in bringing the small camper up to date. And, now that it’s done, we’re more than happy with the end product. The exterior is clean and simple with a modern interior that provides tons of space in such a small platform.

The original layout contained large closets that protruded into the interior, creating an atmosphere not recommended for those that suffer from claustrophobia. Now, there’s actual counter space for food prep, plenty of lighting, and it still contains enough storage for a long weekend in the desert. In addition to pushing the large non-curbside closet back towards the wall and opening up the counter, we removed the cabinets next to the door on the non-curb side. This allows one to immediately sit down upon entrance to remove hiking boots/bike shoes/ski boots without tracking the day’s dirt into the Bell. It also gives plenty of space to entertain guests when they crawl out of damp tents from one of those impromptu desert storms.

This vintage camper rides on a Timbren Axle-less suspension. The design gives the Bell excellent towing manners on the road, plenty of off-road clearance, and a smooth controlled ride in all conditions. Unlike typical adventure campers that ride ridiculously, and unsafely, high, the Bell sits at a normal height. Yet, with a foot of clearance, no axle to hang up, and independent wheel motion, it will make the trip to remote camp spots without breaking a sweat.




The Axle is also rated at 3,500 lbs. This is over rated for the trailer, but when loaded with gear and bikes hanging off the rear 2in receiver hitch on the bumper, it’ll be right in the sweet spot. As said at the beginning, we’re more than proud to put the Camper Reparadise emblem on this cool little adventure rig. You can see more photos of the trailer being restored, and follow its adventures at AlexDeckard.com




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