Boles Aero Ensenada

When we plucked this 1952 Boles Aero Ensenada from the southern desert, it was a dusty, deteriorated mess inside and out. After countless human hours, and nearly a year later, this 24ft single-axle camper is like no other.

From the walnut ceiling to complementing countertops, this Boles Aero Ensenada tastefully retains a vintage art-deco feel with a jolt of Reparadise modern design. To save space, the galley now features a contemporary range, a water heater (that also feeds the original stand-up shower), and a new refrigerator. Along with the respectfully modified floorplan, and gained room, we added a 32in LCD television — concealed under the custom counter tops.

Likewise, a 400w, Bluetooth connected sound system hides behind original Boles Aero cabinet vents. A common practice for high-end camper manufacturers, these vents permitted airflow so they’d adjust to varying climates – we’re unsure of its merit, but they do look cool. Speaking of airflow, the Ensenada now features new Fantastic rain-sensing vents.

Powering those, and other 12 volt components are two six-volt deep-cycle batteries. Wired in parallel, these units offer consistent power off-grid. For electrical efficiency, the original sconces are restored and equipped with efficient LED lighting. In the same practice, we retained the original faucets and sink, along with the irreplaceable cabinet hardware.

With all new electrical, plumbing (including black, gray and fresh water tanks), and HVAC systems this restored vintage camper will be ready to comfort and invite guests for decades to come. News FLASH! This Boles Aero is available for purchase.

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